Landscape Ontario Otium Garden at Canada Blooms 2015

Landscape Ontario invites you to enhance your lifestyle — outdoors!

Beyond beauty, gardens promote healthy lifestyles. Visitors to the Otium garden are inspired to get active, since exercise is much more enjoyable in nature. An otium is an area for outdoor exercise and leisure; the idea comes from the ancient world. Landscape structures, paving patterns, a climbing area and other features are all designed to invite activity. After the festival, garden components will be installed outdoors at Toronto’s St. James Town community. With the Otium Exercise Garden, Landscape Ontario continues its commitment to Green for Life, inviting all to enjoy healthier lifestyles, outside.

The Landscape Ontario Otium Outdoor Exercise Garden is a socially responsible garden.
  • It promotes outdoor exercise to improve health and well being
  • The Otium concept rethinks the way our society exercises by taking exercise outdoors and reconnecting people with the landscape
  • It demonstrates how fitness can be accessible and affordable to all.
The concept is unique in that the landscape features themselves are used as exercise equipment.

Retaining walls are used for stepping, jumping, and balancing, paving patterns in patios and walkways are markers for cardio exercises, and overhead structures such as arbors and gazebos contain bars and brackets to support various suspension training systems to lift one’s own body weight.

Contemplative areas provide opportunities for stretching, yoga, and meditation. One of the interesting features of the LO Otium is that it includes a wheelchair work out. The garden is programmed to accommodate a range of exercises that can be undertaken by people of all fitness levels.

Get inspired with outdoor fitness at the Landscape Ontario Otium Outdoor Exercise Garden.
plank in the garden Yoga in the garden Climbing wall

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