Q. I misread the instructions and fertilized my new hanging baskets with TRIPLE the amount required for about two weeks. For the past few weeks I then watered them like crazy once I realized my mistake and now one of them has ALOT of new growth but it's all yellow, and two others have bleached out flowers. I had bought the stunning petunia baskets from a private greenhouse and the lady there had mentioned they fertilize them EVERYDAY! What should I do now?

A. There are many nursery growers and greenhouses that water their hanging baskets every day, but they only use the fertilizer 1/2 strength each day. You, therefore, have given your plants 6 times the amount of fertilizer they need and they may be "burning" from the inside out. You may not be able to revive your plants to what you would like them to be.

However, in desperation, I would be inclined to cut your annual plants back to six inches and if you are able, re-pot the plants in fresh soil. I'd continue to only water the plants for a couple of weeks in that the new soil should have fertilizer in it.

Then I would go back to fertilizing each day at 1/3 the strength (not even 1/2 the strength). When the leaves and flowers turn yellow, cut them off.

I'd also be asking the lady at the greenhouse what kind of fertilizer she uses and what proportions to water.

Happy gardening... and there is always next year (sorry).