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Peace, Love, and Landscaping


Serving: Residential clients

Scope of projects include: Small, Medium

Areas of operation: Ancaster, Burlington, Cambridge, Dundas, Hamilton, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville & Waterdown

Areas of service: Grounds Maintenance, Interlocking Paving, Landscape Contractors, Landscape Designer, Landscape Lighting, Organic Plant Care, Organic Ponds, Rooftop/Balcony Gardening & Water Features

Company summary:
- A specialty design/build company where the owner/designer is directly involved in the entire process from initial client consultation, through design, to installation, and ultimately customer follow up. Attention to detail, artistic aesthetic, and client satisfaction are paramount.

Our company motto: "Working with Nature, Not Against It".

We utilize natural products, low-impact techniques, native plants, and organic fertilizers to help maintain the natural balance of eco-systems.

Our projects include Garden Installation/Renovations, Water Features/Ponds, Outdoor Low-Voltage Lighting, Natural Stone Hardscaping, and Interlocking Patios.

We also employ one of the few canadian Certified Dry Stone Wallers.

Project Descriptions

Bringing Shade to a Backyard Desert
This extremely sun exposed backyard has been softened and shaded with a mix of trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Front Entry Overlay
Decorative slabs are overlaid on the existing concrete builder's steps to create a beautiful front entryway and landing.

Cheery Front Garden
A colourful mix of annuals, perennials, and small flowering shrubs, all planted around a bright pink quartz encrusted boulder.

Rural Dry Stone Wall
This 180' Dry Stone Retaining Wall become the focal point on a long country laneway.

Complete Lawn Removal
Creeping Thymes now cover this entire front yard instead of grass eliminating the need to water or mow. Amongst this eco-friendly space are Japanese Maples, creeping Junipers, and drought tolerant flowering perennials.

Nighttime Curb Appeal
This front entry garden features plants that either bloom in white or have silver foliage to show up at night for a client that rarely sees their garden during the day.

Overlay 3
This Lakeshore Road home in Burlington now has a wonderful front landing overlay and walkway giving it the feel of natural stone without the cost or labour.

Magical Front Walkway
Using flagstone-like pavers, with a decorative soldier course, this meandering front entrance is surrounded by lush, colourful perennial plantings.

Garden Island
Wonderful shade garden amidst large boulders and mature trees.

Poolside Waterfall
A small home owner installed pond was replaced with a large scale pondless waterfall in order to keep the sound of running water without the associated maintenance of a pond.

Dry Stream Bed Gardens
A dry stream bed collects and manages the properties storm water while creating a wonderful focal point to the front gardens.

Trendy Eco-chique
The entire front yard of this house was removed, and replaced with a dry stream bed for storm water management, 80-90% native plants, and a semi-permeable interlocking driveway. The focal point is a cedar foot bridge that crosses the stream between the driveway and front porch.

Escarpment Dry Stone Wall
This extra tall Dry Stone Wall was installed to create a sense of privacy and to act as a sound barrier from a busy rural road.

Refined Garden Wall
This lengthy garden retaining wall was designed to match the home's existing stonework.

Intimate Sunken Grotto
Encased in greenery, this small, sunken backyard feels more like a cozy grotto, complete with its wonderful fountains and waterfall.

Hosta Heaven
This shady backyard now features 2 ultra low maintenance garden beds that features over 12 varieties of Hostas.

Front Walkway and Steps
A contemporary front walkway and stairs, with decorative moss covered boulders cut into the pavers.

Penny Lane Gardens
An extensive network of flagstone walkways leads you through a large collection of unique plants, ending at a 30' long meandering waterfall and pond.

This garden also features a Dry Stone Wall surrounded upper patio area, natural stone stairs, and substantial night lighting.

Tiny Dry Stone Wall
A decorative wrought iron gate is flanked by a Dry Stone Wall creating a rustic entry way.

Fence Garden
This corner lot home struggled with curb appeal due to a long stretch of uninspired privacy fence. 6-8 foot wide perennial and shrub gardens along the fenceline now invite people into their side entrance, as well as create a sanctuary for local birds and butterflies.

From Run Down to Up Scale
This run down front yard and entrance was completely removed and redesigned to create welcoming walkways and lush garden beds that have become the envy of the neighborhood.

Shady Retreat
This shady backyard, overshadowed by a large Norway Maple has always been a struggle for the home owner due to a lack of grass under the Maple.

We created a wonderful shade garden with flagstone walkways and a seating area under the tree.

Now they are able to use the backyard for entertaining, and their dog no longer tracks mud into the house!

Taming the Jungle
This backyard literally required machetes to access, but became a cozy, intimate backyard oasis.

Was Wet...
Here we solved a major drainage problems on the client's property by creating drainage fields, bermed garden beds, a dry stream bed, foot bridge, and pondless waterfall. Not only is their backyard dry now, but they have an incredibly showy property/gardens! One of their first comments was about how many more birds and butterflies they've seen since we installed the waterfall and gardens.

The following season we were invited back to completely redo their front gardens.

Front Garden
We created a cheery front garden for this newly built home in the Orchards of North Burlington

This client has been struggling for several season to establish a healthy lawn. We resodded the back yard, as well as continue to do seasonal garden maintenance on this extensive garden.

This Oakville home features a large interlocked front driveway and walkway, surrounded by exceptional gardens. Extra details include contrasting soldier coursing and elegant sweeping curves for the walkways.

Balinese Evening Retreat
Extensive lighting showcases hardy tropical plants around a spa-like pool, hot tub, and cabana.

Gardener's Garden
Over several seasons we have worked hand-in-hand with this wonderful gardener to create a beautiful backyard oasis and natural flagstone patio.

Italian Villa Gardens
Various projects throughout this multi-acre property.

Tudor Cottage Gardens
Over 780 Perennials make up this wonderful garden around a fabulous Tudor style mansion.

Wholefoods Community Garden
A portion of asphalt was reclaimed by building a raised planting bed contained in a decorative stone wall. Seasonal vegetables and herbs will be grown to aid the local community.

Infinity Gardens
This north Burlington Suburbs home features a very complex figure 8 seat wall, with 3 entertaining terraces, night lighting, a small water feature, and gardens.

We packed a huge punch into a small space. Our client has described it as "the most unique backyard in the neighborhood... the envy of the neighbors."

Downtown Elegance
This property included multiple projects, from a front walkway, to a terraced back patio, flagstone walkways, and garden beds.

Shades of Green
Working with this client we have created a low maintenance, Japanese influenced garden.