December 17, 2021
The regional needs of members are served through a network of nine chapters. Through monthly meetings and promotional activities, the chapters represent an ideal way for member companies to keep abreast of concerns regarding the profession. The two most sought after membership benefits — education and networking opportunities — are provided through the association’s regional chapter structure.
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Durham Chapter

I had the pleasure of attending the University of Toronto at Scarborough, and in my final year (and final year on the Student Union) we had one of our executives put together something called the Anti-Calendar — a response from surveying students to the reality of a course, not just the fancy blurb that the University put together for that course. It was actually a pretty good booklet, and we had a lot of positive feedback on it. It is with this in mind that I submit my “anti-report” to the Landscape Ontario community. It feels like the right thing to do when I really do not have a whole lot to report on from the Durham Chapter due to COVID. We are plagued in many ways by COVID, by apathy, by people who are so busy in their own day to day that they do not have time to participate in our zoom calls, or before COVID, come out to events. 

I drive around Durham region almost daily, and see hundreds of property maintenance professionals, nurseries, landscapers, irrigation companies, arborists, and snow contractors. I feel like we have failed to bring them the help they need on the day to day trials and tribulations of running a business, dealing with employees, dealing with pricing, dealing with customers, and everything else that comes with running a business. I look at all of the amazing things that Landscape Ontario is doing, and I want to pull over when I see a crew working, and talk to them about Sally Harvey, and what her amazing group is doing to help. I want to tell them of the dedication of the LO COVID-19 Task Force, and the incredible amount of time they have spent on our behalf. I want to explain to them who Tony DiGiovanni is and how he has spent 32 years of his life fighting for our industry. I want to tell them about the hundreds of things that he has done for them and the hundreds that I don’t even know about.  I want to tell them about this new guy, Joe Salemi, and how lucky we are to have him working with Tony until Tony retires, and then leaves the position in the vary capable hands of Joe, who has impressed me with every meeting, interaction, and communication. I want to tell them that everyone I have met at Landscape Ontario actually cares, and actually wants to help their company. 

I remember my first proper discussion with Alan White about how not being involved with Landscape Ontario was like being on an island. That analogy is so true to this day, I have benefited so much in my short time with Landscape Ontario, that I can’t help but be frustrated when no one shows up to our breakout room at the all-chapter meetings. 

Please let us know what we can do to help you, please reach out with your issues, please get involved and have it so that there are elections to the Durham board, not acclamation! We have a lot of power in our numbers, but if we do not capitalize on this, we are doing ourselves a disservice. And the next time I see a crew working at a house, I will pull over and say hello, and ask how it is going, it is the least I can do.
Respectfully submitted,
Jon Agg
President, 2020-2021

London Chapter

President: Cindy Buelow
Vice President: Greg Schaafsma
Past President: Peter Vanderley
Treasurer: Carla Bailey
Secretary: Mike Lavigne
Provincial Board Rep.: Pam Cook
Directors: Hunter Beamish, Egon Bieg, Bill Degraaf, Lauren MacKenzie, Ryan Marshall

Our 2020/21 season provided us with many new challenges. I would like to extend my appreciation to the LO COVID-19 Task Force for their leadership from those early uncertain times up to the present. We would be in a much different place without their efforts on behalf of the profession.
In February, the London Chapter joined with the Ottawa Chapter in hosting our fifth annual Plant Symposium. Thanks to the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (OALA Southwest Chapter) for their support with co-sponsorship and to our new and sustaining sponsors for making this event one to remember! The Plant Symposium is open to both industry and the public, with a large contingent of students from the Landscape Design and Horticulture programs at Fanshawe College, for whom the event is now a part of their curriculum. It was a virtual event with four fantastic speakers and an industry panel discussion, all were well received. Attendees ranged from across Canada and the U.S. with record breaking sales of tickets and plans are underway to continue the event in 2022 in person in addition to a virtual platform to maintain the wider audience. 

2020 also marked the retirement of our beloved Regional Chapter Coordinator, Wendy Harry. On behalf of our chapter, I’d like to express our deep gratitude for her dedication to the advancement of Landscape Ontario. 

We are looking forward to some great events next year- fingers crossed! 
Respectfully submitted,
Cindy Buelow 
President, 2020-2021

Toronto Chapter

As was the case with almost everyone in the world, this past year was quite a challenge. However, I am very proud to advise that despite the continued disruptions in our industry, the Toronto Chapter accomplished several positive projects. In February, our Past President, Jonas Spring delivered the Reference Seminar virtually. It left me wanting to learn how  to use iNaturalist to its full capability. Our Bursary Program received a record number of submissions and $15,000  in total was awarded and divided amongst 18 different non-profit organizations across the GTA. 

In July and August, we completed our garden makeover project in Markham at Participation House — a charity that is  a leader in enhancing the quality of life of individuals with disabilities. Thanks to all of our volunteers and the overwhelming generosity of our members who donated their time and resources. The results were amazing! Seeing the faces of the residents while we worked is one of my personal highlights of the year. They were gathered around the window, watching attentively while everyone worked away, obviously excited to see the garden transformation take place. 

n the spring, we held our Toronto Chapter AGM. It was wonderful to see so many people attend this virtual event and we were pleased to welcome several new directors to our board. Going forward, I am excited to advise that we will be holding in person events in the near future. On November 25, we will hold a Shop Talk at Black Lab Brewery in Leslieville.

On December 2, the Toronto  Chapter will host a Winter Social  at the Landscape Ontario headquarters in Milton. This event promises to be a lot of fun and it will be great to catch up with our colleagues in person after far too many virtual meetings. 

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Toronto Chapter board members for their service and a big thanks to the LO staff for their continued support. And lastly, a thank you to our members for attending our events and for bringing their positive energy to  the work we do. 

Looking forward to seeing you in person soon! 

Respectfully submitted,
David Milne
President, 2020-2021

Upper Canada Chapter

President: Lisa Purves-Smith
Vice President: Logan Cole
Past President: Jesse Perrin
Treasurer: Rhonda Derue
Secretary: Ryan Bostock
Provincial Board Rep: Terry Childs
Directors: Pam McCormick, Chris Lamer, Jessica McGurn, Craig Williams

As we look back over the past year with all the changes and “pivots,” it’s good to take a moment to notice how our industry has met the challenges of working during a pandemic and not only have we survived but in many cases we have thrived. A shout out to all the hard working individuals and businesses who rose to the occasion despite the challenges. They represent us well. 

Thank you to all those involved with the LO COVID-19 Task Force for their huge commitment of time and dedication to keeping us aware of ways to keep our members safe. 

The Upper Canada Chapter came together in 2020/2021 via Zoom meetings with the exception of one more recently in September… a welcome in-person face-to face at The Waterfront River Pub in Napanee. The most recent conversations have been about ways to move towards more in-person meetings with a continued zoom presence to allow access to a cross-section of members from our very geographically large chapter.

Sept 2020: Annual Golf Tournament was postponed due to COVID.

October-November 2020: As part of the LO Garden Makeover Contest to honour frontline workers, the Upper Canada Chapter took on the task of planning and installing the $5,000 prize winner’s landscape. Our Chapter was the first of the 10 Chapters to complete their frontline worker’s  landscape in the town of Gananoque. The overwhelming support of the members quickly grew this front yard landscape with new gardens, interlock front step, limestone boulders, plants and sod into a final value of greater than $20,000.
Robust discussions continue between board members around civil discourse/respectful tone in group discussions via email and the importance of prompt responses (no longer than 48hrs) for questions brought forward in board emails.

January 2021: Guest speaker following AGM, Wally Earle formerly of Green Things Landscaping in Brockville spoke to the Chapter about succession planning.

February 2021: Following Congress…..Congratulations to our LO Awards of Excellence 2020 Winners within our Chapter: Derue Designs, Wentworth Landscapes, Terra Vista Landscape Construction

March 2021: Our board said goodbye to some long-standing members this year: Paul Doornbos, Neil Bouma, Andre Ypma, Mike Stone, have all made great contributions to our chapter and we wish them well in their future pursuits. We are fortunate to welcome familiar members into new roles on the board with several members becoming directors for the first time. Looking forward to finding our new synergy with the new team.

April 2021: Guest speaker, Stephen Poole from Connon Nurseries CBV in Trenton discussed local plants….’tried and true’ and ‘new to you’ varieties. Discussions around supply chain challenges across the horticulture industry, plants in a changing climate and forecasts on what to expect moving forward.

”Life is Now”...Let’s all choose to be fully present, fully alive to all the opportunities.
Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Purves-Smith
President, 2021

Windsor Chapter

President/Provincial Board Representative/St. Clair College Liaison: Jay Terryberry
Vice President: Sal Costante
Past President: Donald Tellier
Treasurer: Joe Santarossa Jr.
Directors: Jessica Aytoun (meetings), Vincent Murphy, Jay Rivait (LOWC Facebook page), Derek Trepanier, Liam Chisholm, Dylan Osborn, Violet Harris

Well, an interesting time where in-person contact was limited led to a year where it was difficult to get members engaged. Thanks to LO head office for arranging the virtual speaker series and subsequent break-out rooms — all were well attended and well received.
LOWC held a few virtual board meetings throughout the year where we organized our annual golf tournament to be held in Sep. 2021, tried to proceed with some community events but these proved to be difficult to launch. One very successful undertaking was the Garden Makeover for a frontline worker.  The candidate for LOWC actually paid-it-forward and in late April 2021, the Chapter carried out a very successful one day, full back yard/partial front yard renovation for a very deserving couple, Megan and Dan Monk. Thanks to all members companies for their generous donations! Also, thanks to board members Derek Trepanier, Liam Chisholm and Dylan Osborn for providing much of the labour and materials that helped make this a very gratifying day!

At our final board meeting of the year in August, we discussed the possibility of a holiday social in Dec. and have decided that we will (probably) not have any face to face general meetings until fall of 2022 and will continue to recommend the virtual meetings that have been organized by head office.

And, one final note, I would like to thank board member Liam Chisholm for his help throughout the last year. Liam has resigned his position on the board due to time conflicts with other community endeavours. I would also like to thank the LOWC board for continuing to push forward even though it has been very difficult to do so. Hopefully 2021-2022 will see LOWC carry out more of our community initiatives and social activities.
Respectfully submitted,
Jay Terryberry 
President, 2020-2021