November 22, 2021
Every year Landscape Ontario benefits from amazing contributions through the volunteer efforts of members, who serve their association throughout the year in a wide variety of duties.

Sitting on various committees, LO members help to decide the future of the profession and the association, or helping to plan, organize and run many special events. Landscape Ontario’s world-class events, education and programs are the direct result of the thousands of volunteer hours that help to keep the association strong and valuable. Members who have freely offered their time, energy and expertise are listed below:

Thank you to our outstanding volunteers of 2021!

Robert Adams, Adams Landscaping and Property Maintenance
Jon Agg, Pristine Property Maintenance Ltd
Mike Alati, Optimal Irrigation Corp
Rob Albrecht, John’s Nursery
Brian Alcock, Alcock Nurseries Ltd
Bob Allen, RW Allen Horticultural Services Inc
Kevin Almeida, Almeida & Almeida Landscaping Ltd
David Amadori, Marsh Canada Limited
Alessia Antogiovanni
Jessica Aytoun
Maggie Ayuyao
Ninway Aziz
Carla Bailey, TLC Professional Landscaping
Justin Baker, Wright Landscape Services
Andrew Barbour, Connon Nurseries Inc
Paul Barker, Automatic Rain
Andrew Barz, Meadowbrook Landscape Contracting Inc
Kimberly Barz, Meadowbrook Landscape Contracting Inc
Jim Bauer, Bauer Landscape & Garden Maintenance
Jessica Baun, Innovative Surface Solutions
Siamak Bay, Greenbay Northern Ltd
Hunter Beamish, Beamish Landscape Services
Rhonda Beauregard, Pinecrest-Queensway Employment Services
Sarah Beckon, Allweather Landscape Co Ltd
Rob Beedie, Environs Wholesale Nursery
Randi Lee Bell, Exel Contracting Inc
Jim Bender, Grand River Natural Stone Ltd
Barry Benjamin, Barry Benjamin & Associates
Jill Bernardo, CSL Group
Andrea Berwick, Royal Botanical Gardens
Egon Bieg, Egon’s Landscape Ltd
Thomas Blatter, Dreamestate Landscaping Inc
Michael Boffo, Boffo Landscaping Inc
Paul Boglitch, Landscape Effects Group
Gerald Boot, Boot’s Landscaping & Maintenance Ltd
Isaac Bork, Canton’s Mindful Gardens
Ryan Bostock, Dibbits Excavating Ltd
Michael Boucher, LP Landscape Plus Inc
Neil Bouma, Picture Perfect Landscaping Quinte Ltd
Gerwin Bouman, Stam Nurseries Inc
Frank Bourque, Greenmark
Scott Bowman, Speare Seeds
Mark Bradley, TBG Environmental Inc.
Dave Braun, Braun Nursery Limited
Adam Braun, Belleview Landscapes
Cole Bridgewood
John Bright, Mountview Services Inc
Allan Brookes, A A Waters & Brookes Ltd
Michael Brownbridge, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre
Paul Brydges, Brydges Landscape Architecture Inc
Cindy Buelow, Baseline Nurseries & Garden Centre
Irene Bultena, Eloquip Ltd
Richard Burch, Burch Landscape Services Limited
Steve Burgess, Braun Nursery Limited
Tyler Burnell, Burtro Lawn Sprinklers Ltd
Margot Byers, Ladybird Garden Design
Terry Caddo, Canada Blooms
Connie Cadotte, Garden Retreats Inc
Megan Campbell, Marsh Canada Limited
Donna Cansfield
Marc Carriere, Permacon Ottawa
Stacey Carruthers, Tree Doctors
Michelle Chambers, Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School
Kin Chan
Clarine Chan
Harry Chang, Humber College
Phil Charal, Allweather Landscape Co Ltd
Deborah Childs
Terry Childs, Nature’s Way Landscaping
Kamila Chorazyczewska, CSL Group
Michael Chudy, Gardenzilla Lawn & Garden
Paul Cisterna, Ciscon Landscaping & Outdoor Living
Chris Clayton, Christopher Clayton Landscape Architect
Brian Cocks, CHT, Brian Cocks Nursery & Landscaping
Craig Cole, Cedar Springs Landscape Group
Logan Cole, Cole’s Landscaping
Shawn Collins, Postcard Perfect Turfgrass Specialists Ltd
Justin Comacchio, Region of Peel
David Comfort, Fanshawe College - Students
Liam Connor
Pam Cook, Clintar Landscape Management - London
Pamela Cooze, People Corporation
Andrew Cordeiro, Greenview Irrigation Ltd
Justin Correia, Reliable Care Premium Landscapes
Sal Costante, Cedar Springs Decks and Fences
April Cotroneo, Green Apple Landscaping
Brian Cotter, Durham Artificial Grass
Kim Cotter, LGMP
Cassandra Cotter, LGMP
Erin Crawford-Ellis
Tim Cruickshanks, Cruickshanks Property Services Inc
Bruce Cullen, Toronto Zoo
Mark Cullen, Mark’s Choice Ltd
Ben Cullen, Mark’s Choice Ltd
Jon Cundy, S. Charlebois Haulage and Excavating Ltd O/A Charlebois Holdings Inc
Marg Dantuma, Hess Landscaping Ltd
Fred Dantuma, Hess Landscaping Ltd
Jane Davey, Seneca College
Chris Davies
Jennifer Davies, Pratt’s Lawn Care
Gavin Dawson, TRUGREEN Ltd
Darcy DeCaluwe, Stone in Style Ltd
Paul DeGroot, NVK Nurseries
Lexi Dearborn, Dearborn Designs & Associates
Harold Deenen, Hank Deenen Landscaping Ltd
Bill Degraaf, Permacon
Leon Denbok, DenBok Landscaping & Design Ltd
Rhonda Derue, Derue Designs
Keith Desjardins, Desjardins Landscaping Inc.
Liana Desmarais-Peters, Plantscape Windsor Inc
Lori Di Monte, Who Does Your Garden
Michael Di Nunzio, Vanden Bussche Irrigation - Milton
Barry Dickson, B.R. Dickson Equipment Inc
Carolina Diedrichs
Jason Dietrich, Ace Lawn Care Inc
Marina Dimitriadis, Dimitriadis Design Build
Darren Disheau, Hidden Rain Lawn Sprinklers
Charlie Dobbin, Garden Solutions by Charlie Dobbin
Daniel Domingues, Aquaman Irrigation
Mark Donohue, Rain Bird International
Paul Doornbos, Thornbusch Landscaping Company Inc
Lindsay Drake Nightingale, Yorkshire Garden Services Inc
Matthew Dressing, Sheridan Nurseries (Whitby) Ltd
Alan Driedger, AWS Irrigation Management Inc
Jon Durzi, Miller Waste Systems Inc.
Ken Dutka, Hill’N Dale Landscaping
Ted Dzialowski, Nutrilawn Corporation
Jack Edmonds
Jim Edmonds, The Gardener Landscaping
Fiona Edmonds, Visual Impact Landscaping Inc
Beth Edney, Designs By The Yard
Matt Edwards, Edwards & Sons Complete Property Maintenance Inc
Ken Ellis, Sarnia Turf
Janet Ennamorato, Creative Garden Designs Inc
Melanie Ethridge
Kevin Falls, Speare Seeds
Kristan Farlie, Port Carling Garden Centre
Frank Ferragine, Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery
Carmine Filice, Greentario Landscaping (2006) Inc
Thomas Finucane, Mountainhill Landscaping Inc
Jordanna Flood, S. Charlebois Haulage and Excavating Ltd O/A Charlebois Holdings Inc
Norah Fountain
Peter Fox
Mike Fulcher, Bolduc
Michael Fulcher, Beton Bolduc Inc
Carol Fulford, Gerrits Property Services Inc
Shawn Gallaugher, Shawn Gallaugher Design
Dan Garlatti, Garlatti Landscaping Inc
Trevor Garner, LP Landscape Plus Inc
Paul Gaspar, Weed Man - Toronto
Jason Gaw, Sycamore Landscape
Marcin Gawelek, Solujan Lawn Sprinklers Ltd
Hank Gelderman
Harry Gelderman, Gelderman Landscape Services
Brandon Gelderman, Gelderlands Inc
Chuck George
Tony Giammichele, Big Green Property Services Ltd
Amadeo Giancola, Fanshawe College - Students
Kara Gibbons
Brent Giles, Clintar Head Office Toronto
Shawn Giovanetti, Techo-Bloc Inc
Marjorie Girdharry
Lee Gould, Smart About Salt Council
Matt Gove, The Local Gardener
Laura Greaves
Jeff Gregg, V Kraus Nurseries Limited
Perry Grobe, Grobe Nursery & Garden Centre
Cody Gruhl
Peter Guinane, Oriole Landscaping Ltd
David Gunn, Gunn-Duncan Landscaping Ltd
Suzanne Hale
Raffy Hanimyan, Elite Concrete
Lisa Hannam, A&L Canada Laboratories Inc
Ed Hansen, Hansen Lawn & Gardens Ltd
Cam Hansuld, Nutri-Lawn - Mississauga
Aaron Harpell, Sunflower Gardens
Violet Harris
Rohan Harrison, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Grant Harrison, Nextra Consulting
Len Harsevoort, Wetlands Irrigation Inc
Jacki Hart, Consulting By Hart
Carl Hastings, Moonstruck Lighting Ltd
Nathan Helder, Southbrook Consulting
Steve Hernandez, Groundhog Landscaping Ltd
John Higo, Turf Care Products Canada Ltd
Oreta Hirmiz
David Hlady, Figure 4 Landscapes
Matthew Hooper, Hometurf Lawn Care Inc and/or Haas Properties Inc
Thomas Hoyle, Life Long Landscaping Inc
Peter Hrgetic, Best Way Stone Ltd
Rachel Hunt
Diane Hutchinson, Walter’s Greenhouse
Colin Imrie, Bobcat of Tri Cities Ltd
Tom Intven, Canadale Nurseries Ltd
Ron Iserhot, SiteOne Landscape Supply
Kevin Jack, Scotts Canada (Fafard)
Maureen Jacques, Ferguson Forest Centre
Sean James, Mohawk College
Brett Jeacle, Manderley Turf Products Inc Head Office
Kevin Jensen, Toro Irrigation
Lorraine Johnson, Ontario Association of Landscape Architects
Joan Johnston, Peter Knippel Nursery Inc
Alistair Johnston, Strybos Barron King Ltd
Kennedy Johnston, Peter Knippel Nursery Inc
Haley Johnston, Brydges Landscape Architecture Inc
Dale Jones
David Jones, The Gardener Inc
Linchong Julavittayanukool
Sofie Kalpakis
Matt Kaufman, Greensleeve Maintenance Ltd
Manpreet Kaur
Kim Kavanagh, Manderley Turf Products Inc Head Office
Frank Kearney
Kelly Keates, Ginkgo Design
Amy Kendrigan
Robert Kennaley, McLauchlin & Associates
Krista Kent, Clintar Head Office Toronto
Christoph Kessel, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Cheryl Kincaid
Kyle King, Groundhog Landscaping Ltd
Allan Kling, Urban Garden
Ben Kobes, Kobes Nurseries Inc
Ron Koudys, Ron Koudys Landscape Architects Inc
Luke Koudys, Ron Koudys Landscape Architects Inc
Michael LaPorte, CHT, Clearview Nursery Ltd.
Wendy Ladd, Jim Pattison Lease
Isis Lamb
John Lamberink, Aquality Irrigation and Illumination
Chris Lamer, Lamer Landscaping & Snowplowing Ltd
David Lammers, Garden Grove Landscaping
Nick Lang, Brown’s Concrete Products Limited
John Langendoen, Willowbrook Nurseries Inc
Mike Lavigne, Blue Jay Irrigation
Chris Le Conte, Smart Watering Systems
Stephanie LeBlanc, W.H. Scrivens & Son Limited
Serge Leclair, Kam’s Growers Supply Inc.
Chris Lecour, BASF Canada
Skai Leja, Skai Leja Landscape Design
Chris Lemcke, Weed Man USA - Turf Holdings Inc
Phyllis Lewis
Tania Lewis, Skills for Change
Derek Lippert, Quiet Nature Ltd
Trevor Lively, Blue Jay Irrigation
Jennifer Llewellyn, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Scott Lloyd, Lloyd’s Landscape Contracting
Susan Loewen
Rebecca Lord, International Society of Arboriculture - Ontario Chapter (ISAO)
Jeff Lowartz, CSL Group
Richard Lubbers, Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care Ltd
Brenda Luckhardt, Sheridan Nurseries Georgetown
Glen Lumis, University of Guelph
Mike Lunau
Cory MacCallum, Greenscape Watering Systems Ltd
Christie MacFadyen, Vis Viva Gardens
Fran MacKenzie, Bay King Chrysler
Don MacMillan, Lewis Motor Sales Inc.
Steve Macartney, Raintree Irrigation & Outdoor Systems
Chris Mace, Gelderman Landscape Services
Lauren Mackenzie, In-Lite Design Corporation
Mariusz Maj, Manulife Financial
Alan Malcolmson, Clintar Landscape Management - Mississauga West
Ryan Marangoni
Lisa Marie Pearce
Laura Marsh, Earth Art Landscapes Inc
Ryan Marshall, Oasis Creations Landscaping
Ken Martin, Ken Martin Landscape Lighting and Design
Steve Marysiuk, Rain Bird International
Mark Mastantuono, Clintar Landscape Management - Oakville/Burlington
Teresa Matamoros, Garden Holistics Inc.
Wade Matthews
Matt McCallum, DJ Rain & Co Ltd
Courtney McCann
Dawn McColl
Pamela McCormick, Simply Landscaping & Garden Designs
Jim McCracken, Hugh McCracken Limited o/a McCracken Landscape Design
Jeff McGee, Blue Jay Irrigation
Jessica McGurn, Western Landscape Services Ltd
Christine McLeod
Jeff McMann
Ian McMillan, Angus Inground Sprinkler Co
Don McQueen, Nutri-Lawn - Burlington Irrigation
David Mceldon, David McEldon Landscape & Design Inc
John Mcintosh, Enviromasters Lawn Care
Tim Meijs, Gardens of Prestige Ltd
David Milne, Quercus Gardens
Christine Moffit, Christine’s Touch Gardening Ltd
Joanne Mohan, Parklane Landscapes
Jim Monk, Markham Property Services
Steve Montcalm, Gifford Carr Insurance Group
Conrad Monteiro, Arbordale Landscaping
John Moons
Fran Moore, Moore Outdoor Design
Joe Morello
Joseph Morello, Premier Landscaping & Design Ltd
Chaz Morenz, Gardens in the City Inc
Nick Morgante, Unilock Limited
Shada Morris, Fore Greenery
Andrew Morse, Flowers Canada Growers Inc
Irene Mota, Dufferin-Peel CDSB
Deb Mountenay, Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning & Development Board
Christopher Muller, O.J. Muller Landscape Contractor Ltd
Vince Murphy, Caesars Windsor
Jay Murray, TLC Professional Landscaping
Doug N, DJ Rain & Co Ltd
Allan Nason, Notre Dame Cath Sec School
Steve Neumann, Algonquin College
Roy Neves, DJ Rain & Co Ltd
Alyssa Newby
Pam Nichols, Christine’s Touch Gardening Ltd.
Terry Nicholson, Clintar Head Office Toronto
Brad Normand, Evergreen Bio Innovations
Heidy Novak, Novak Property Maintenance Inc
Dave O’Malley, Brooklin Concrete Products Corp.
Cassie O’Neill, Parklane Landscapes
Peter Olsen, Royal City Nursery
Jeff Olsen, Brookdale Treeland Nurseries Ltd
Mark Ostrowski, Laurel Forest Farms
Tyler Owen, Thunderbolt Contracting Inc
Eli Paddle, Fanshawe College Main Campus
James Paluch, JP Horizons Incorporated
Rebecca Parker, Parker Horticulture
Michael Pascoe, Fanshawe College Main Campus
Santosh Patel, Rockwood Forest Nurseries
Brad Paton, Shades of Summer Landscaping & Maintenance
Warren Patterson, Barrie’s Garden Centre
Bill Paul
Ken Pavely, Dol Turf Restoration Ltd
Brandon Pawlowski, Red Bear Landscaping
John Peets, John Peets Landscaping
Glenn Peister
Brian Perras, B.P. Landscaping & Snow Removal
Jamie Perras, B.P. Landscaping & Snow Removal
Jesse Perrin, Green Things Landscaping 2010 (1893872 Ontario Ltd)
Jon Peter, Royal Botanical Gardens
Frans Peters, Humber Nurseries 2020 Ltd
Chloe Philip, Chloe Philip Landscaping Ltd
Mark Pickering, Town of Whitby
Erica Pignatelli, Best Way Stone Ltd
Julie Poirier, Oriole Landscaping Ltd
Sharmen Porter, Enviroturf Inc
Fred Post, Your Designer Landscapes Inc
Trevor Prenevost, Enviroturf Inc
Paul Proulx, Hunter Industries Inc
Jen Raedts, LA Gardens
Faizal Ramji, G&L Group
Harry Rashid, Turf Rain Irrigation
Rob Redden, In-Lite Design Corporation
Greg Redshaw, Redleaf Landscape Inc
Garry Reisky, Terraform Contracting
Jamie Riddell, SiteOne Landscape Supply
Jay Rivait, Lakeshore Landscaping
Tim Rivard, Bobcat of Hamilton Ltd
Jeff Ronhaar, Jeff’s Outdoor
Erik Roque
Victoria Rose
Mike Ross
Lindsey Ross, Living Green Landscaping Inc
Robert Roszell, Road Equipment Links
Joe Santarosa, Jr, Santerra Stonecraft
Greg Schaafsma, Grand River Natural Stone Ltd
Mark Schneider, Nutrite
Jeffrey Scott, Jeffrey Scott Consulting Inc
Jonathan Scott, 4 All Seasons Solution Providers Inc
Joe Sebastiao
Haig Seferian, Seferian Design Group
Tony Serwatuk, HydroSense Irrigation Design & Consulting Inc
Phill Sexton, WIT Advisers
Cameron Shaw, Guelph Turfgrass Institute
Brian Shelfoon, Techniseal
Janice Shingler, Uxbridge Nurseries Limited
Gord Shuttleworth, Delaware Nursery Ltd
Blake Sicard, UPI Energy FS
Klaas Sikkema
Ron Sikkema, Kema Landscape
Jacqueline Silva-Rubilar, Canadian Grounds Landscaping
Scott Sim, Moon Glow Lightscapes
Patrick Sirrs, SiteOne Landscape Supply
Lisa Smith, Lisa Purves Garden Design & Consultation
Lisa Smith, Lisa Purves Garden Design & Consultation
Nick Solty, Solty and Sons Ltd
Shawn Sowten, Industrial Property Services
Kamilia Spadafora
Melissa Spearing, Ground Covers Unlimited
Jim Spencer, Garafraxa Turf Inc
Jonas Spring, Ecoman
Pat Springer, Legends Landscape Supply Inc
Russ Springer, Legends Landscape Supply Inc
Paul St. Pierre, Landscape Effects Group
Karl Stensson, Sheridan Nurseries Georgetown
Mary Stewart, Living Green Landscaping Inc
Mike Stone, Willowlee Sod Farms Ltd
Frank Stranges, The Downsview Group
Laurie-Ann Stuart, LA Gardens
Ron Swentiski, Trillium Associates
Ralph Szymankiewicz, Greenscape Inc
Natnael Taera, Landscape Irrigation Systems Inc
Colleen Tataryn
Dino Tefilio, Evergreen
Donald Tellier, Deerbrook Landscaping And Nursery
Jay Terryberry, St Clair College
Robert Tester, TNT Property Maintenance
Marc Thiebaud, OGS Grounds Maintenance Specialists
Kathy Thomas, Green Thumb Landscaping Limited
Michael Thomas, People Corporation
Jeff Thompson, Native Plant Source
Martin Tirado
Kyle Tobin, LawnSavers Plant Health Care Inc
Karen Tolton, Water’s Edge Landscaping
Tim Tripp, Neudorff North America
Dominic Trudeau
Rodger Tschanz, University of Guelph
Bob Tubby, Arbordale Landscaping
Blake Tubby, Arbordale Landscaping
Chris Urquhart, Green Unlimited
Michael Van Dongen, Van Dongen’s Landscaping & Nurseries Ltd
Kurt Vanclief, Willowlee Sod Farms Ltd
Gerad Vanden Bussche, Vanden Bussche Irrigation - Head Office
Art Vanden Enden, Sheridan Nurseries Georgetown
Kyle Vander Linden, Credit Valley Conservation
Audriana VanderWerf, Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery
Terry Vanderkruk, Connon Nurseries Inc.
Rob Vanderkruk, Connon Nurseries Inc.
Peter Vanderley, Vanderley Landscaping
Mark Verbinnen, Verbinnen’s Nursery Ltd
Jason Vettese, Best Way Stone Ltd
Mo Von Roeder, Energized Surroundings
Don Voorhees, Noldus of Durham
James Walke, Total Gardening Services Ltd
Eilleen Warren
Bruce Warren
Scott Wentworth, Wentworth Landscapes
Jeanine West, PhytoServ
Kerry Whale, Allturf Ltd
Alan White, Turf Systems Inc
Debbie White, Natural Images Landscaping Ltd
Neil Whitehall, Watertight Home Services
David Wick
Greg Wildeboer, Whispering Pines Landscaping
Richard Williams
Craig Williams, Titan Interlock Inc
Michael Willis, Equipment Sales & Service Ltd
Corinne Wilmink, Fanshawe College Main Campus
Nick Winkelmolen, Winkelmolen Nursery Ltd
Welwyn Wong, Welwyn Wong Landscape Design
Shirley Wong, International Landscaping Inc
Jarrett Woodard, Grand River Brick & Stone
Richard Worsley, Uxbridge Nurseries Limited
Dave Wright, Wright Landscape Services
Lindsey Young, Industrial Property Services
Andre Ypma, Modern Earthscapes Land Design
Alex Zalewski, Parklane Landscapes
Paul Zammit, Niagara College
Bin Zhou, Jobswelldone Canada Inc
Fiona Zieba, Fiona’s Garden Gate
Ben Zlotnick, Aden Earthworks Inc
Richard Zoltek, Humber College
Michael de Pencier
Anna van Maris, Parklane Landscapes
Monica van Maris, Parklane Landscapes
Katie van Schaik, Sheridan Nurseries Georgetown
John van Staveren, The Garden Shop
Jan van’t Riet, Vantreat Ltd
Lynn vanLieshout