November 3, 2023
The Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation was created in 1979 by a committee of forward-thinking leaders of the landscape and nursery sectors. The original goal of the Foundation was to help fund much-needed industry research. However, its mandate was soon expanded.

Today, the Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation is the research and scholarship arm of Landscape Ontario. The Foundation’s mandate is to ensure “a healthy future for the horticultural industry,” through financial support of research and scholarships funded by interest generated on capital investments.

Donations to the Foundation can be made online by visiting

Also at, you will find information on how to support the Foundation in a number of ways. With a donation to the Foundation, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference and leaving a legacy to the profession that you love.

The Foundation would like to thank all of its donors. A donation is an easy and effective way to benefit Ontario’s horticultural community. The Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation is a registered charity and all donations
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Providing scholarships is particularly close to the hearts of Foundation supporters, who point with pride to the many recipients who are now successful industry members.
The scholarship program continues to grow, and now boasts a number of scholarships supported by individual people and companies.

Introduced in 2015, a major component of the program is the Cullen Family Scholarships, which distribute more than $20,000 each year. The program is designed to encourage and inspire leadership qualities in students who have a passion and enthusiasm for the landscape and horticulture profession, with candidates selected by their peers and teachers. Individual amounts are assigned to each school offering a horticultural program.

This year, the foundation distributed a total of $57,900 in scholarships to students enrolled in horticultural programs across the province.

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Apprenticeship Scholarship ($600)
Darra Ashwell, Humber College
Jimmy Leblanc, Algonquin College
Kendra, Motz, Humber College
Christina Valicek, Humber College

College/University Scholarship ($1,000)
Vanessa Costa, Algonquin College
Emma Cote, Dalhousie University
Lily Hamilton, Fanshawe College
Lucas Henson, Fleming College
Jonathan Nava Motta, St. Clair College
William Springham, Niagara College

Post-Secondary Scholarship ($1,000)
Qozim Adegoke, St. Clair College
Shelley Allison, Seneca College
Victoria Big Yue Lau, University of Guelph
Hezel Bigornia, St. Clair College
Dallas Canavan, University of Guelph
Sandra Dombi, Fanshawe College
Yu Fai Lo, Seneca College
Jacob Farrish, University of Guelph
Ian Murphy, University of Guelph
Nicolas Prezio, Fanshawe College
Tina Qu, Seneca College
Jayden Selwood, Niagara College

Post-Graduate Scholarship ($1,000)
Melissa, Kooiman, University of Guelph
Matthew Lundstrom, University of Guelph

John and Ruth Wright Scholarship ($1,000)
Mike Banton, University of Guelph
Lawi Njeremani, University of Guelph

Bob and Ruby Allen Scholarship ($500)
Haylee James, Fanshawe College

Casey van Maris Scholarship ($1,000)
Elliot Alkemade Young, Niagara Parks School of Hortculture

Don Salivan Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)
Nicole Dejager, Niagara College
Sophia Nazari, University of Guelph

Horst Dickert Scholarship ($1,000)
Katelyn Kush, Niagara College

Tony DiGiovanni Scholarship ($1,000)
Ryan De Jong, University of Guelph
Chi Mui Lam, Humber College

Waterloo Chapter Green Industry Scholarship ($1,000)
Meagan Heaney, University of Guelph

Cullen Family Scholarship Program ($2,000)
Dianna Cinnamon, Algonquin College
Blake Coleman, Niagara College
Emaile Kamrath, University of Guelph
Ryan Kappler, Algonquin College
Jasmeen Kaur Bhuller, University of Guelph
Julissa Litterick, Fanshawe College
Alderic Martin, Seneca College
Dayna Menifee, Algonquin College
Taylor Middleton, Algonquin College
Virginia Pate Campos, Niagara College
Noah Tavares, Niagara College
Mayte Vancini Berra, Humber College
Caedy Wyjad, Humber College

Officers and directors for 2023

President: David Turnbull
Vice-President: Tim Rivard
Treasurer: Bob Allen
Secretary: Brian Cocks, CHT
Directors: Phil Charal, Tony DiGiovanni CHT, Hank Gelderman, Audrey Partridge, John Peets, Bill Stensson

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