February 15, 2013
Dear Editor,

The Upper Canada Chapter is hosting its annual I Was There Squash Tournament in Picton, on Feb. 28.

This is an open challenge to other members to travel on down and try to wrest the trophy away from our current champion Mike McKay. You can check www.horttrades.com and other LO communication sites for more information.

This is a fun tournament (except for the trophy business) where only members of the industry are invited.

On a personal note, I am very surprised at the fragile state of many of our members. Bad knees, sprained wrists, bad back, sore feet, failing eyesight were all given as reasons for not being able to play. My response? You have to be fit for the work season, go to the gym, get fit now, then come down to our turf. We’ll be waiting for you!

Dan Clost,
Upper Canada Chapter