December 15, 2019
Warren PattersonBy Warren Patterson
LO President
Last month, I started the discussion on whether our various names: Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association, Horticultural Trades Association Inc., or Landscape Ontario, properly reflect our purpose and values. I have brought this to the attention of the LO Provincial Board of Directors and the Executive Board. The idea was very well-received. As a result, a committee has now been formed to strategically review our name and weigh it against our objectives and stakeholders.

This process should not be taken lightly. It will require serious consideration — not only when exploring possible new names, but also on how changing our name might impact our members, the public, and other stakeholders. A lot of thinking and planning will need to be done on how any name change could and should be implemented.

I promise that if we do change our name, it will not involve a sheet on the side of the building.

I have been honoured to serve as president of this great association for the last two years. Over that time, our association has become more focused on want we need to do to help our members be more successful. Ours is a great profession, but like every other profession, we must constantly evolve, reinvent, evaluate, and implement in order to keep up with the ever-changing times.

Our clear and purposeful strategic plan allows us to now actively work together to propel our collective mission forward. This is very important for two reasons. First, I believe the role of our association is changing. There are a number of platforms out there that now deliver some of the services typically provided by associations in the past. Secondly, with our board, members, chapters, volunteers and staff actively focused, our collective resources and energy invigorates the many stakeholders involved. When volunteers, members, and staff are motivated, great things will happen.

Finally, I would like to thank Robert Ellidge, editor of this magazine, for helping me write the many articles I’ve had to produce over the past two years. You truly are a professional and without you, I would still be working on my first article.

To the members, the board, and the staff, I thank you for the privilege of serving as your president of Landscape Ontario (or whatever the new name may be). It has been the highlight of my career.