July 8, 2021
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Coordinating the Supply & Demand of Local Native Plants

Our featured speaker, Stefan Weber will focus on how native plants are produced for restoration, and why local seed-grown species are superior for restoration and landscaping. Stefan will discuss the challenges of meeting the increasing demand for these plants, including the ethical and socio-economic impacts of the native plant industry. Stefan will also use local examples to show how an ecological reference can help take the guess work out of large-scale contract supply of the most appropriate native species.

butterfly on a coneflower
About our Featured Speaker
Stefan Weber is a botanist and restoration ecologist with a keen interest in wild plant seeds. In 2011, Stefan completed a Masters of Science in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Guelph, and will be defending his PhD at McMaster University later this summer.

He has worked with more than 300 different native plants, including rare Carolinian wildflowers. Stefan is the founder and director of the Ontario Plant Restoration Alliance, a grassroots organization that advocates for local plant populations, and works with stakeholders to scale-up seed orchards.

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