June 10, 2013
Garden centre great way to spend a rainy day

Despite this spring being one of the coldest and rainiest in memory, Landscape Ontario is encouraging gardeners not to lose sight of their gardening plans and to take advantage of this unusual weather.

"A rainy day is a great time to visit a garden centre -- not only does it give you a head start on your neighbours, it can also be a rewarding shopping experience. Shorter line-ups at the cash register, parking spaces close to the entrance and a full inventory of plants will make life less hectic. Easier access to knowledgeable staff, just waiting to offer local gardening advice will ensure your garden gets off to a fantastic start this year," says Denis Flanagan, public relations manager, Landscape Ontario.

The late spring has another bonus for shoppers -- garden centre staff are spending more time nurturing and caring for plants which are bigger and healthier than ever.

"What better way to get inspired on an overcast day than by taking in the beauty of plants. Those long- awaited scents and tiny beads of water droplets bring out an intensity that is overwhelming to your senses," says Flanagan. "And a rainy day is automatically a great day for planting™

Landscape Ontario is encouraging everyone to continue with their gardening plans so they won't be playing catch-up when the weather finally does warm up. They have offered these tips to help everyone get through this cold and wet spring:
  • Plant woody plants and hardy perennials now! Ontario garden centre inventories have never been as healthy or looked as good. The late spring has provided great growing conditions and extra time for plants to mature.
  • Think ahead. Landscape projects that you would like to tackle this summer take planning, conceptualization and design. Avoid disappointment by calling contractors now. If waiting until late May they may already be booked.
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