June 13, 2013
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To submit your question to our expert panel, please click here. Questions can be about anything related to landscaping or horticulture, including plants, irrigation, lighting, design, interlock, etc. Additional plant-related questions and answers can be found on the Master Gardeners of Ontario website at www.mgoi.ca.

Careers and education
I am looking for a job in the landscaping field. Where can I find job postings?

Healthy lawns
How do I get rid of wireworms? I have a bad infestation that killed half the grass in my backyard by the end of last year and more larvae have already hatched.

How do I restore my lawn once it has been taken over by weeds such as crabgrass and grubs and the soil has become well-packed and cracked?

Hiring a company
I'd like to find a designer who can draw up a 5-year plan for me to redesign my yard and flower beds to increase bloom and visual interest. I probably need to do most of the work myself to limit costs. How do I go about finding a designer who can meet my needs in my rural area?

I am looking for a maintenance lawn care company that would service the M6B 1X4 postal code area.

I am looking for a list of landscape contractors in the Toronto area. How do I find them on your website?

The back of our pool has concrete which has broken cracks in the two far corners. I believe we need a retaining wall at that end. Who should we call for advice and an estimate?

How deep are the in-ground water sprinkler pipes placed? How does one avoid hitting the plastic pipe when planting annuals and edging the gardens?

Materials and calculations
I am building a 350 square foot walkway. How do I calculate how many yards of gravel and screening I will need?

Membership in Landscape Ontario
I would like to become a member of Landscape Ontario. I have been in business for three years. What do I need to do and what is the cost?

Pests and insects
I have a pine tree that has one-inch, dark-coloured caterpillars with black heads laying along the branches at the tips. Can you tell me what type of insect it is? I would also love to know a good online resource or reference book I can use to identify pests.

How do I get rid of a tree that is infested with Gyspy Moth Larva?

Plant care and health
Help! I misread the instructions and fertilized my new hanging baskets with TRIPLE the amount required for about two weeks. What do I do now?

I am not sure if my silver lace vine growing on an arbor at the front of my house is dying or not.

My very mature cedar hedge is developing huge brown spots, both on the sides and on top.

My weeping Nootka false cypress was planted 18 months ago and has needles turning brown that have started to drop.

My two-year old lilac did not bloom this year or last year. Any ideas why?

I have a butterfly bush in my garden, but need to replace it every two years. What is the proper care for a butterfly bush? Are they only supposed to last 2 years? (Zone 6a, Kingston, Ontario)

How do you care for Phlox before mixing in fresh floral arrangement?

Plant selection
Can you recommend a small tree (max. 10 feet), east facing, that can withstand wind?

How far north in Ontario can a golden spirit smokebush survive and thrive?

How far from the house should I plant and Emperor 1 Japanese Maple so that I do not have to worry about the roots causing a problem with the house foundation?

Can you suggest a growing vine to use on a pergola that will not attract bees?

Can you suggest a vine to plant that will grow on our pergola that will not attract bees?

Can you please tell me if most vines hold their leaves all winter? We have a trellis between us and our neighbour and would like some privacy year round. Any suggestions for a nice flowering vine that keeps it leaves all year?

Could you please recommend some native flowering plants that will climb a wire grid on a west-facing, 6th floor balcony wall.

Where can I find some of the new plants this year? I am especially interested in the coneflowers like Green Envy, Mac & Cheese and Tomato soup.

Can you give me a list of roses that are black walnut tolerant?

What kind of ground covers or plants could we put around the base of the tree?

Seeds and seedlings
How do I care for three small Acer palmatum seedlings that are about one week old?