June 15, 2020
From March 26 to May 14, Landscape Ontario hosted a record number of webinars aimed at informing members of the landscape and horticulture profession of the latest information on the novel coronavirus pandemic. The webinars also provided a networking and information-sharing forum for members to connect and ask questions online.

The 24 free webinars featured a number of well-known business coaches, a registered psychotherapist, human resource and safety experts, marketing specialists, and Landscape Ontario member business owners. Each Tuesday, members of the LO COVID-19 Task Force held a Town Hall meeting to provide updates and get feedback from business owners and employees.

Having never hosted any webinars previously, Landscape Ontario staff quickly sprang into action, researching and testing the technology, and sourcing and working with presenters.

“Our COVID-19 Task Force recognized early on the need for us, as an association, to filter and clarify the sometimes conflicting and confusing information that was coming in,” says Tony DiGiovanni, LO executive director. “The dedicated Task Force members meet daily via video conference to interpret the latest government assistance programs and advice issued by public health officials, in order to then communicate those developments to members and how it relates to them, their business and families. I am extremely proud of each and every member of our team.”

Attendance for the online info sessions was impressive. In total, over 4,000 people registered and attended the webinars, with online replays posted to YouTube earning an additional 4,000 views.

One LO member commented: “I have listened to the Town Hall series and found them very informative. Topics were relevant and well-presented. Thank you to your team who took time out of their busy schedule to participate. We are in this together!” Another said: ”Thanks for all of the effort putting these on they are greatly appreciated!”

Due to the success, LO plans to hold regular Town Hall-style webinars as a means of effective communication even in the post-covid era.