August 1, 2019

B.C. division of Valleybrook Gardens sold

Josami Holdings announced the purchase of Abbotsford, B.C.-based grower Valleybrook Gardens, in June 2019. The move follows the 2017 sale of the Ontario division of Valleybrook Gardens to Brookdale Treeland Nurseries.

“When my wife Kelly and I started in the nursery industry 40 years ago as a newly married young couple, we didn’t know what the future held,” John Schroeder, founder and CEO of Valleybrook Gardens, said in a media release. “What we did know was that we would only be satisfied by producing the highest quality plant material, and that innovative marketing and branding was going to be a key to success. We had always expected that this would create the value which would allow us some day to sell our company, so it could continue on after us.”

Valleybrook Gardens is widely known for its Heritage Perennials, the blue pots, Jeepers Creepers, Backyard Fresh and Rock Stars lines, which will continue to be produced under license from Valleybrook International Ventures. The licensing continues to be held by the Schroeder family.

Josami Holdings was recently incorporated by Joe Abi-Ad, who has experience working as an executive with Brookdale Treeland Nurseries.

“I look forward to continuing the legacy built by the Schroeder family in this well-managed business,” Abi-Ad said. “The Valleybrook brands have always differentiated themselves from others through their exceptional quality, thus making the company a highly attractive acquisition target. We will continue to provide the highest quality plants and best service to our customers.”