April 26, 2023

Box Tree Moth Training Webinar 2023

OMAFRA's Cassie Russell and Abigail Wiesner teamed up to present a 30-minute refresher on the basics of BTM biology, how to monitor for this pest, pheromone traps, and what is currently registered for control.

How to Set up a UniTrap for BTM

Pheromone traps for Box Tree Moth should be put up the first week of May.

THRIVE webinar on the Basics of Box Tree Moth

With Ontario's own Dr. Jeanine West. Video on this page.

In-depth presentation on BTM

By Jen Llewellyn from 2019.

Ontario BMPs for box tree moth (updated March 2023)

Get the latest Best Management Practices here.

Update for nursery stock producers

The CFIA is currently working on a domestic movement program in follow-up to the publication of their Risk Management Document 22-02 “Pest risk management decision for the regulation of Cydalima perspectalis in Canada” Click here for a link to the document.

If you haven't already, growers are strongly encouraged to implement and be following a pest module for box tree moth.

Growers are encouraged to visit the Box Tree Moth Certification Program through clean plants which has a pest module for BTM, a companion document to help growers to fill out the module, BMPs and everything else needed to become BTM clean plants certified.