July 15, 2015
The National Capital Commission (NCC) held a special ceremony on June 9 to announce its commitment to planting Canadian native maples on its urban lands, whenever the planting calls for a maple tree.

Part of the event was a ceremonial planting of a maple tree on the grounds of the NCC.  

Russell Mills, chair of the NCC Board of Directors, and Dr. Mark Kristmanson, chief executive officer of the NCC, joined Ken Jewett, founder and president of the Maple Leaves Forever Foundation, at the commemorative event to highlight this partnership.

“We value our partnership with the NCC for the planting of Canadian native maples,” said Jewett. “The maple leaf is our country’s most recognizable symbol and it is only fitting that Canadian native maples grace the canvas that is our nation’s capital.”

As part of its annual tree planting program, the NCC has been working with the Maple Leaves Forever Foundation for several years toward the planting of Canadian native maples supplied by nurseries associated with the foundation.

Landscape Ontario executive director Tony DiGiovanni is member of the board of directors of the Maple Leaves Forever Foundation.