November 15, 2008
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) will be used to test the Province of Quebec’s ban of 2,4-D.

Dow AgroSciences, a U.S. corporation, served a notice to submit a under Chapter 11 of the NAFTA, for losses it claims were caused by a Quebec ban on the sale and certain uses of lawn pesticides containing the active ingredient 2,4-D.

Dow claims the province began its campaign against the pesticide without any scientific basis for a ban and in violation of the trade agreement. Just this year, Health Canada ruled that 2,4-D may be used safely if label directions are followed correctly.
One of the arguments made by Dow is that Quebec’s ban could open the door to making public policy without scientific criteria.

Jim Wispinski, president and CEO of Dow AgroSciences, states, “This challenge is aimed at ensuring that important public policy decisions are based on scientific evidence, predictability and a clear set of principles, and are managed within a transparent