August 15, 2014
Ontario’s Building Code has been amended to include enhancements to accessibility in buildings.  

As of January 1, 2015, new construction and renovations will be subject to updated accessibility requirements.

These Code amendments, together with the 2012 Design of Public Spaces standard, finalize the government’s changes to the province’s accessibility standard.

Five accessibility standards are already in regulation under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act: Customer Service, Information and Communications, Employment, Transportation, and Design of Public Spaces. For more information on Accessibility Standards, see

The new requirements apply to most new construction and extensive renovations. Existing buildings, where no work is planned, are not affected by these new requirements.

The standard for the design of public spaces only applies to new construction and major changes to existing features. The changes include recreational trails or beach access routes; outdoor public eating areas like rest stops or picnic areas; outdoor play spaces, like playgrounds in provincial parks and local communities; outdoor paths of travel, like sidewalks, ramps, stairs, curb ramps, rest areas and accessible pedestrian signals; accessible parking (on and off street); service-related elements like service counters, fixed queuing lines and waiting areas; maintenance and restoration of public spaces.

 For more information on each standard change, go to