April 15, 2008
By Terry Murphy CLP

The CHT installation and maintenance programs will see major changes take place before our next 2008 evaluation days, scheduled for July 17-18 in Milton, Aug. 14-15 in Kemptville (Ottawa), and Sept. 25-26 in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The retail certification, scheduled for Aug. 27-28, 2008, will not change.

Two stations are totally deleted from the practical evaluation. They are truck and trailer (core) and pesticides, from the maintenance program. Anyone who has completed the evaluation and passed everything, except these two stations, will be granted CHT status. We are currently reviewing records in order to update our successful candidates. Please let us know if you feel you are included in this group.

Both installation and maintenance categories will be divided into two unique and separate certifications. Installation with become “Hard” and “Soft” installation certifications and maintenance will become “Turf” and “Ornamental” maintenance certifications. You can now be granted four separate certifications. There are no additional stations added to the evaluation, but rather they are divided into the work alignment. One may apply for any of the four separate certifications in installation or maintenance. If you sign up and successfully complete the installation, as it is currently set up, you will receive the two maintenance certifications. The same structure exists for the installation section. There are also changes to the written portion of the evaluation. As we learn more, we will advise you immediately.

We are working on the pricing now, but it is expected to reflect the current structure. The present installation or maintenance certification program is now $450 for non-members and $350 for LO members. These prices have not changed for several years. Each new certification will be priced at $250. for non-members and $200 for LO members (new version). If you want both maintenance certifications, for example, then you will have to do it separately at $200 each. Please note, there are no station changes anticipated for the retail certification at this time. When more details are known, we will advise you. As with any program, prices may change, but there is no increase expected at the present time.

The purpose is to try to align the certification to the type of work that is done by industry personnel. The North American committee is very excited about this new format. As Tim Kearney from the Ottawa Chapter remarked, “The whole process has become more industry friendly. I think it’s great.” Please forward questions and comments to Ashleigh Woodhall, Certification Coordinator. Further information will be printed in Horticulture Review when it is available.