March 23, 2023
Amy BuchananLandscape Ontario is made up of nine regional Chapters and nine provincewide Sector Groups — each governed by an elected board of members each year. These Board members are volunteers and meet a few times each year to discuss important issues, network, and organize some pretty amazing projects

Many of these projects are designed to connect landscape and horticulture professionals with the latest products, services and suppliers to run their business effectively. Many include an educational component — attendees learn from experts in various fields, or hear about the latest research or government program that can provide financial incentives to their business. Other initiatives benefit a local community or charitable organization, providing a rewarding experience to all those involved while also promoting the many health, lifestyle and environmental benefits of the profession.  

A key thread among Chapter and Sector Group initiatives is networking — one of the founding principles of Landscape Ontario. Those who selflessly give their time for the betterment via participating on a Chapter or Sector Group Board often comment: “The more you put in, the more you get out.” Board members get the inside scoop on current and upcoming issues, and many form solid relationships (both business and personal) that go on to last even beyond the end of their career.

Who can attend a Chapter or Sector Group meeting?

Everyone (member or not) is welcome to attend a chapter meeting to see first-hand the many learning and networking opportunities available through Landscape Ontario. If you have a supplier or subcontractor who's not a member, bring them to a meeting. They will be forever in your debt once they see the amazing ways LO can help their business. Only LO members can be elected to positions on the Chapter Board.

Only LO members can attend a Sector Group meeting or be on its Board. If you would like to attend a  meeting to see what it is all about, please feel free to reach out to the appropriate coordinator listed below.

When are meetings held?

Chapter and Sector Group meetings usually run monthly from September through April. Meetings are typically not scheduled in summer when most member companies are at their busiest time of year.​  

Chapters are required to meet a minimum of five times per year. A meeting can be defined as any event that includes professional development, networking or promotion of the Green for Life! brand at the local level. This includes participating in a local home and garden show, golf tournaments, greening a school yard or church, as well as educational meetings.

Sector Groups Boards are required to meet a minimum of four times per year. Meeting schedules are determined in advance and meetings are offered in hybrid format.

Where do I find more information on Chapter and Sector Groups?

For the latest information, visit or and check the online Events page at Plus, make sure you are signed up for LO’s weekly e-news via

How do I suggest a topic to present to a Chapter or Sector Group?

Contact the appropriate coordinator below with a description of your topic, any fees involved, a brief bio of a particular speaker or organization, plus any other relevant information.

Can I sponsor a Chapter meeting or Sector Group event?

Each Chapter and Sector Group has many different sponsorship opportunities available. Special events have their own sponsorship structure and are posted on the web page for that specific event. Please contact the appropriate coordinator below to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Whether it’s working together to initiate solutions on a specific issue, developing an education program, or organizing a fun event that raises money for a charity, these shared experiences bring people together to reach a common goal. To get involved with your local Chapter or Sector Group, please reach out to the appropriate coordinator below:
jaleesa rhoden 

Jaleesa Rhoden (ext. 2333)
Member Event Specialist

Chapters: Durham, Georgian Lakelands, Golden Horseshoe, Toronto, Windsor
Sector Groups: Designers, Lighting, Landscape Contractors/Hardscape, Grounds Management
karri bylsma 

Karri Bylsma (ext. 2342)
Member Event Specialist

Chapters: London, Ottawa, Upper Canada, Waterloo
Sector Groups: Garden Centre, Irrigation, Growers, Snow and Ice, Turf Management

Amy Buchanan CMP
LO Director of Membership