April 15, 2014
In an attempt to grow membership in Landscape Ontario, the association has created Chapter Challenge.

Any Chapter that increases its membership by five per cent from Mar. 1 to Dec. 31 this year will be granted $500 toward its coffers. As well, the Chapter that increases or retains its membership by the highest percentage will be granted an additional $500, and the rights to Grout the gnome’s cousin for one year.

“I think that this membership challenge is great! It provides a little incentive to the respective boards to seek out new members, while promoting the Green for Life message at the same time. I have to admit that we did make some extra effort on seeking new members and hopefully it will pay off in the end,” says Windsor Chapter president Don Tellier.

The LO membership department says the idea was inspired by association president Dave Braun, whose goal is to increase membership over the term of his presidency.

Some ideas how Chapters may approach the task of increasing numbers includes encouraging all members to promote membership, distribute and display member decals, assign board members to promote membership at summer events, obtain non-member contact lists and ask for help from the Milton home office staff.