May 15, 2013
Terry Childs
Terry Childs
New chair of the LO Trade Show Committee Terry Childs, says, “We need to continually work to make both Expo and Congress the best shows they can be.”

Childs has been a consistent volunteer at Landscape Ontario since 2004. When recently named the chair, he said, “When Phil (Charal, LO president) called and asked if I would take on the position, I did need to think about, as the committee is comprised of a great group of people who are really committed to LO. I needed to make sure I could be worthy of the position. It is too much of an honour to turn down. Realizing I could make an impact and work within this group, as well as with all of the show staff, helped with the decision.”

He operates Nature’s Way Landscaping in Gananoque.

Childs will take over the chair from Beth Edney CLD, who served the position for the past two years. The committee looks after Expo, this year on Oct. 23 to 24, and Congress 2014, Jan. 7 to 9; both back in the Toronto Congress Centre.  

Childs says he would like to see Expo expand into more of a garden centre, growers and designers’ show. “We want to look at bringing in outdoor furniture suppliers and other new trends. Most importantly, our goal is to have the garden centres and growers look at Expo as their show. We want to try to get more of their input into strategic directions.”

For more than a decade, leading growers and nurseries have introduced new bulbs, seeds, plants, favourites, shrubs and trees, along with all the home and garden décor, gift, and soils, fertilizers, organics, and tools to be found in a garden centre. In-store boutique items such as cutflowers, indoor tropical plants, foliage and fauna can also be sourced at the show.

The new show committee chair says that for Congress he sees a need to continue to push new products and innovation. “I would like to see Congress be the place that ideas are finally realized and shown to the industry, both in respect to tools and equipment and ideas and ways of doing business.” Childs says he would like to develop an area in Congress where our exhibitors can book time to demonstrate their products, or even techniques, and why they are innovative and special.

In discussing his ideas for the organization of the shows, Childs says, “I would like to develop a few subcommittees within the show committee and bring in new members to learn about the shows and how we work, while concentrating on more specific areas of the show with some of the more experienced members providing leadership. I think this is a great way to get new members involved without the traditional time commitments for meetings and the shows.” He continued,  “This will also allow the committee members to enjoy a little more of the show. As a member of the committee it can be very hard to see all of the show even though we are on site for all of the days.”

Childs promises that attending the show this year will contribute to your business goals and prosperity. “Networking, first and foremost this is the best way for our members to grow their business. Then we add the extras — seminars, workshops, supplier and social events.

“Newer and sometimes smaller member companies gain the ability to look at how to set their sights high and achieve their business goals, as well as how to develop a professional company.” concludes Childs. “Expo provides the opportunity to meet many suppliers under one roof and discuss upcoming needs and desires. Most importantly the positive attitude we give is often reflected in the positive attitude we see.”

Garden and Floral Expo all comes together on October 23 – 24, 2013. Visit the new website at for updates on events and registration.