January 15, 2008

Internet technology is being used to assist candidates in the Certified Horticultural Technician (CHT) program improve their chances of success. Joel Beatson, CLP, professional and business development manager with CNLA, set out this spring with his digital video camera and a couple of filmmaking credits in university to document the CHT experience.

Statistics show that candidates succeed very rarely on their first attempt at CHT. Success rate is around five to eight per cent. Once a candidate is familiar with the evaluation process and fully understands what to expect, the success rate improves substantially.

Beatson visited every site during 2007 and the results are now available as the newest candidate preparation tool via YouTube. The first stage of the project focuses on the landscape designations (Installation and Maintenance). Visit www.cht.canadanursery.com for the CHT Exam Details section, or the CNLA channel at www.youtube.com/profile?user=CNLA or search ‘Certified Horticultural Technician’ via YouTube.