August 14, 2019
The obsolete pesticide collection and disposal program is free to participate in. Farmers and other end users of target products are encouraged to bring in any agricultural or turf pesticide and/or livestock and equine medications (but no needles/sharps) into one of the designated ag-retail collection locations during the Sept. 20 to Oct. 1, 2019 collection period. A licensed waste hazardous waste hauler will safely manage the products and send them for environmentally responsible disposal via high temperature incineration.

The obsolete collection program is funded by the plant science industry and members of the Canadian Animal Health Institute ( The obsolete collection program is typically delivered in each region of the country every three years.

In 2013, the Ontario program saw about 120,000 kgs of obsolete pesticide collected. To date, CropLife Canada/CleanFARMS have collected over 500,000 kgs of obsolete pesticide since the program was first delivered in 1998.

Specific program information is also available on the CleanFARMS website.

View a list of free drop-off locations in Ontario.  

Don't miss this opportunity! The next free collection will take place in 2022.

CleanFARMS Website

CleanFarms drop off days sept 2019