February 15, 2012
Landscape Ontario extends a grateful thank you to the many volunteers who gave generously of their time to help make Congress 2012 a success.

Show Committee

Scott Beaudoin, Phil Charal, Terry Childs, Brian Cocks CLT, Cee Deschenes, Douglas Coote, Paul DeGroot, Barry Dickson, Beth Edney CLD, Nathan Helder, Michael LaPorte CLT, Brian Lofgren, Bob McCannell, Klaas Sikkema, Nick Solty, Gerrit Tervrugt, Monica van Maris, Jack VandeRee CLT.

Conference volunteers

Ian Armstrong, Karin Banerd, Lee Benson CLD, Cees Braamse, Emily Bright, Irene Bultena, Margot Byers, Stu Campana, Doug Coote, Kim Cotter, Janet Ennamorato, Shawn Foley CIT, Ann Fovargue-Jakins, Catherine Geraats, Sara Irven, Liz Klose CLP, John Lamberink CIT, Jeff Lee, Kevin O’Hara, Adele Pierre CLD, Sandra Poole, Greg Redshaw, Edel Schmidt, Ron Sikkema, Margaret Stinson, Ivan Stinson, Jared Thomas and Terri Ting.

IPM Symposium Committee

Mark Goodman (chair), Pam Charbonneau, Tim Cradduck, Rohan  Harrison, Kyle Tobin, Monica van Maris, Violet van Wassenaer and John Wright.

Designers Conference

Tony Lombardi CLD, CLP (chair), Sundaura Alford CLD,  Paul Brydges, Don Chase CLD, Harry Gelderman, Catherine Geraats, Jennifer Hayman, Alice Klamer, Ron Koudys CLD, Chris Mace, Jodie Munshaw, Fred Post CLD, Haig Seferian CLD, Ron Swentiski CLD.

Irrigation Conference

John Lamberink CIT, (Chair), Robert Cooke, Louise Cottreau, Chris Davies, Brian DeCaluwe CIT, Kara Gibbons, Gill Glazer, Chris LeConte, Steve Macartney CIT, Roy Neves, Mike Ross, Tony Serwatuk CIT, Scott Sim CIT, Chuck Yates CIT.

Landscape Ontario booth

Thanks to Carol Fulford, John Wright and many other LO members, as well as CNLA, for staffing help, and to Sheridan Nurseries for plant material.