May 4, 2021
Congress Connect offers free hardscape, horticulture and vehicle safety education

Congress Connect offers free hardscape, horticulture and vehicle safety education

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Drive Live

Landscape professionals rely on their vehicles and trailers to transport employees and equipment safely to job sites. Led by former law enforcement officers Scott Oldfield and Pat Martin, the Safe Vehicle Refresher takes a hands-on approach to demonstrate how to apply the Daily Vehicle Inspection Rules, pre-trip inspection reports and itemize defects in compliance with Ontario regulations. Learn how to conduct a proper circle inspection, the proper forms to use, the difference between minor and major defects and how safe operation helps avoid hefty tickets and fines

Hardscape Live

From landscaping business coaches and best-selling authors to marketers, and seven- and eight-figure landscape and hardscape contractors, speakers featured in the 2021 Hardscape Live series have been there, done that, and then some. Host Frank Bourque interviews over 15 industry experts to offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to build a massively-successful hardscaping business.

Green Live

Green Live focuses on promoting proper tree selection, planting, care and maintenance strategies and services. Produced by the Landscape Ontario Growers Group in partnership with the International Society of Arborists Ontario (ISAO), the series features information sessions and demonstrations from leading industry experts.