January 15, 2011
Jody Urquhart
Jody Urquhart
The 2011 Congress line up promises some of the most relevant educational sessions in many years.

The program begins Jan. 11 with a bang, as keynote speaker Jody Urquhart presents Lighten Up, it’s Only Work: The Power of Levity. She demonstrates how to use humour to stay in control while maintaining balance and perspective.

Other sessions quickly filling up are Tuesday’s hot button topic, The Sustainable Garden, presented by Candace Carter, who will examine how to spin ecologically sound practices for better client acceptance and profit.  

Wednesday’s Techniques and Issues in Greenroof Installation and Maintenance will be presented by New York State’s Richard Heller. He will discuss how to price a green roof, the different types in today’s market and their value.

A timely topic that is sure to deliver information relevant to the state of our current economy is Thursday’s Managing Your Company in a Tight Economy, delivered by perennial favourite Charles Vander Kooi from Colorado.

The 2011 schedule offers a broad range of topics and speakers. A complete list is available at www.locongress.com, as well as the online registration form. Questions may be directed to kristen@landscapeontario.com.