April 15, 2012
Transportation Minister Bob Chiarelli has announced driver’s licences, vehicle permits (including trailers, snow machines and off-road vehicles), and permits for bus and truck drivers and tests will all see a price increase. Some fees will start rising this year and continue to go up until 2015.

Commercial drivers will face stiff increases, with the maximum weight class rising to $4,601 in 2015 from the current $2,722.

Fees for a standard driver’s licence in southern Ontario are now $75. That will go to $80 in 2013.

A validation sticker in southern Ontario is going to $98 from $74 by 2014, while the northern rate rises to $49 from $37 by 2014.

Misplacing your licence will also cost more money. Replacements will cost $25 by 2014, more than double the $10 it now costs.

Farm vehicles will see a similar jump, with the maximum class heading to $975 in 2015 from the present rate of $641.

Chiarelli says that the fee hikes should bring in $340 million in additional revenue. He added that a “significant portion” of the money will go to road and bridge repairs, while a portion will reduce the province’s $16-billion deficit.