June 10, 2013
Decorating for Halloween - more than just pumpkins

Are you tired of decorating your front porch for Halloween every year with the same old jack-o-lantern? Not to worry! There are a variety of fall perennials that are perfect for Halloween and will make your front porch boo-tiful!

"Halloween is a playful holiday, making decorating for Halloween a lot of fun! Your summer annuals that have been bitten by frost can be composted and replaced with several different fall plants that will accompany your decor and Halloween props," said Denis Flanagan, public relations manager, Landscape Ontario.

When decorating your front porch this Halloween, consider combining:
  • Fall asters
    This will offer you a natural look. They are available in shades of pink, purple, blue and white, providing your front porch with a pop of colour.

  • Ornamental grasses with dramatic seed heads
    These will enhance the flower plants used while adding interest, texture and drama to your display.

  • Flowering kale and ornamental peppers
    This will offer an unusual look. The two-toned or multi-coloured leaves on the flowering kale are outstanding and usually intensify after a light fall frost. Ornamental peppers will spice up your porch with a hot new look and act as a great alternative to traditional gourds.

  • Bales of hay and corn stock
    These will help complete your vignette by offering a warm fall feeling.
If you're having a Halloween party there are also a variety of spooky Halloween-inspired plants that will be sure to scare your guests! Some spooky plants include:
  • Venus fly trap
    This carnivorous plant catches and digests animal prey - mostly insects and spiders, making it a great addition to your spooky display!

  • The bat orchid
    The black or 'bat' orchid provides a gothic look, making it a great addition to your Halloween party.

  • Black mondo grass
    Grouped in a cluster black mondo grass looks like a group of long-legged black spiders. This looks great with other outdoor Halloween props, such as tombstones and will be sure to scare those trick-or-treaters!

  • Spanish moss
    This type of moss is an off-white and ghostly gray colour that will provide a chilling mood when hanging from the walls of your entrance way. This is a great way to set the tone for your guests!

  • Spider plants
    Their long narrow leaves live up to their namesake and will give your home a creepy-crawly feel.
So, when out shopping for that perfect pumpkin this year be sure to stop by a greenhouse in your area to pick up some Halloween-inspired fall plants.