March 15, 2011
Maciulis shows off his first magazine.
Maciulis shows off his first magazine.
By Allan Dennis

Dave Maciulis CLD is a passionate man. He’s passionate about landscape design. He’s passionate about business. He’s passionate about certification.

Now he is combining those passions, by creating a new magazine, Natural Landscape which will communicate to consumers the need to hire qualified professionals to create outside living areas.

“I want to advocate to consumers the importance of hiring qualified professionals in the landscape industry,” says Maciulis. “I believe that the certification system raises the bar in our industry. By doing this we separate ourselves from those who don’t have the high standards that this industry needs to promote.” He also believes that the industry must market the issue so that consumers understand that certification means they will receive a high standard of service.

The new magazine had its inaugural printing on Feb. 16. It will be published twice a year, featuring tips for homeowners on best practices in landscaping, professional photos of innovative and creative designs, and an advice column by Maciulis, geared toward consumers, ‘Just Ask Dave.’ The publication will also be available online.

The first issue is 38 pages and features a full page story by Landscape Ontario’s director of public relations Denis Flanagan, who outlines how to choose a landscape professional.

The first issue also includes articles and lots of colourful photographs on subjects of pavers, synthetic grass, drainage issues, favourite plants, courtyards, natural trends, outdoor kitchens and more. “I want to educate and touch people in real life on the pages of our magazine,” says Maciulis.

The new publisher also intends to place advertisements from only those who are industry-related. He says it’s been difficult to crack the national advertisers, but he has had great support from the Golden Horseshoe and GTA area landscape industry businesses.

Dave Maciulis first thought of the magazine idea six years ago. After receiving positive responses from other professionals in the industry, he decided to seriously pursue the creation of the magazine. The initial publication will have 30,000 copies distributed directly through Canada Post, with another 10,000 at the Ideal Home and Garden Show in Hamilton, and 10,000 to professional offices. “I hope to attract subscribers as we move along,” said Maciulis.

Began working at Harper’s Garden Centre

In 1990 Dave Maciulis began working at Harper’s Garden Centre in Ancaster. “I started by sketching designs for customers, which helped increase plant sales at the garden centre. Soon, I was getting calls from people asking me to come to their homes to design a plan for their landscape. I started charging $50 for the service.”

It wasn’t long before he was working part-time as a designer at Harper’s. He enrolled in Niagara College, taking landscape design. He also became interested in using computers to create his designs. “I started to create my own system with the Auto CAD system,” says Maciulis. Today he has his own computer design system, unique to his business, Natural Landscape Custom Design and Development, which he began in 1999.

Maciulis has been a member of LO since 1995, and obtained his CLD in 2000. His company won an Awards of Excellence for design in 2010, and he has conducted seminars at the designers’ sector group symposium at Congress. He also writes a blog that can be found at

Look for Maciulis in his new venue, Natural Landscape, where he hopes to pass on his passion about his industry.