October 15, 2010
Dutch landscape designer Jacqueline van der Kloet captivated her audience of 275 attendees at the Toronto Botanical Garden (TBG) on Sept. 16, when she gave a lecture on the artistic possibilities of flower bulbs.

Organized by LO’s Toronto Chapter, proceeds from the event will go toward education programs at TBG.

A well-known Dutch designer, van der Kloet encouraged attendees to use bulbs to create a unique colour pattern to the landscape.

LO’s public relations director Denis Flanagan CLD, who attended the lecture, said the speaker showed fabulous examples of her work in Europe and U.S., including the New York Botanical Gardens.

Caroline de Vries, owner of Tradewinds International, announced at the event that her company was organizing a donation of 10,000 bulbs to be planted at the TBG this fall. Watch for LO’s e-news and Horticulture Review for information on that event.

Proud sponsors of the lecture were Tradewinds International, International Flower Bulb Centre, Toronto Botanical Garden and Landscape Ontario.