August 15, 2009
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has announced a new regulation that prohibits the movement of ash material and firewood of all species from specific areas of Southwestern Ontario.

Although the EAB has already killed a large number of ash trees in Ontario and northeastern United States, it does not spread quickly on its own. The CFIA says it is focusing its efforts on preventing the movement of potentially infested articles, such as logs, branches, nursery stock, wood chips, and firewood of all species, to non-infested locations. Those who move these articles from regulated areas without prior permission from the CFIA could face fines and/or prosecution. Movement of these articles is the primary way the beetle has been spreading to new areas in Ontario.

The previous ministerial orders for Elgin County, Middlesex County, Lambton County, Essex County and the municipality of Chatham-Kent have been repealed and these areas are now regulated under one new restriction. Huron County is under another new ministerial order. An updated regulation has also been issued for Norfolk County so that the measures in place are consistent in all regulated areas in Ontario and Quebec.

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