April 22, 2021
Earth Day 2021

As we celebrate the 51st Earth Day on April 22, we reflect on the significant impact the landscape and horticulture profession has made, and continues to make, on the environment and our society.  

Urban parks, green spaces, landscapes and gardens are critical habitats for many species, they improve biodiversity, improve air and water quality, reduce the Urban Heat Island effect and urban noise, reduce stormwater runoff, improve our mental health, decrease stress, provide space for physical activity, increase the value of our homes and businesses and they can reduce the heating and cooling costs of buildings. This Earth Day, we encourage you to get outside and safely celebrate. Whether it is taking one of those non-reusable grocery bags (that, unfortunately, everyone has right now), and filling it up with litter, or trying out some of the activities included below.

Plan a pollinator garden or make a pollinator plant list!
Most native pollinators rely on specific host plants. Research which plants your local pollinators rely on, and create a plant list, or design a pollinator garden! For more information to help inform your design, visit: https://landscapeontario.com/pollinator-friendly-garden 
Connect with your Local Garden Centre
Many garden centres are offering curbside pickup. We encourage you to reach out to them and place an order! You can discover nearby garden centres at www.landscapeontario.com by selecting ‘Retail Garden Centres’ from the main menu. Getting out in the garden is a great way to celebrate Earth Day!
Play Earth Day BINGO!
Challenge your friends, clients and family to a friendly game of Earth Day BINGO! Use our template (or make your own) and see how you can support biodiversity, clean up your community and reduce your carbon footprint. Have fun and make a change while respecting physical distancing rules. Find us on social media @landscapeontario#landscapeontario and tag your environmental friends to challenge them to a game! #LOBingo #EarthDay #GreenForLife