April 1, 2018

Environmental group fights for pesticide ban in Vernon, B.C.

Professional lawn care companies are pushing back after an environmental group lobbied to have a sweeping pesticide ban put on the council table in Vernon, B.C. The Sustainable Environment Network Society presented city council with a petition calling on the body to ban pesticide use in the Okanagan Valley-area town. In February, two local lawn care professions made the case against the proposed ban.

“Green Velvet’s goal is to always deal with pest problems in a safe and effective way, with pesticides used only when required,” said Joel Campbell, the company’s owner, as reported by the Vernon Morning Star newspaper. “Whether we use physical control, cultural control or pesticides, a process of integrated pest management is used in making the decision in which route of action would be required.”

Eight provinces already employ “cosmetic” pesticide bans, as well as numerous B.C. municipalities including Coldstream, Salmon Arm, Revelstoke, Lumby and Kelowna.