May 15, 2009
Gerwin and Gerrit Bouman have announced that they have taken over the business operation of Stam Nurseries.

 Stam Nurseries, located near Woodstock, has been selling quality caliper trees since 1978 under the ownership of Peter Stam. The Boumans worked for Stam on-and-off since 1989, the year they immigrated to Canada from Holland.  Gerrit has been full-time since 2001 and Gerwin worked for Peter two years full-time, prior to starting for him again in 2002.  The Boumans have been part of the operation for around 20 years, both part-time and full-time.

 The father and son team say they have no real plans for expansion or other drastic changes in mind, however, “Our intention is to listen to our customers closely and cater to their needs as much as possible.”  Gerwin says,  this should be everybody’s goal. They are not afraid to try new techniques or equipment to achieve success in their new venture.  

  “We are thankful to Peter for providing us with this opportunity,” says Gerwin.

Caption: Gerwin and Gerrit Bouman, a father and son team, new owners of Stam Nurseries.