April 15, 2010
Andrew Kuyvenhoven, president of the Flowers Canada Board of Directors, has announced that Dean Shoemaker is the organization’s new executive director.

Dr. Irwin Smith, who had served the association since February of 1999, will retire mid-April. “We are all deeply grateful to Irwin for his role in advancing the profile of the greenhouse floriculture industry. Irwin has accomplished many strategic partnerships, bringing in millions of dollars in project and research funding. I invite everyone to join me in congratulating him on his retirement from a very successful career.”

Shoemaker worked closely with Flowers Canada over the past five years. He has a business and agricultural background. He became the marketing director in charge of the pickOntario project in September of last year. Prior to that, he was responsible for communications, website, and online marketing for pickOntario. He worked in the industry for Thiessen’s Greenhouses as president of GrowerFlowers.com. From 2002-2006, he volunteered as treasurer on the Flowers Canada Board. Shoemaker said, “I am very excited to serve our community of floriculture growers and I look forward to building on Irwin’s many successes!”