December 7, 2022
Garden Centre Town Hall: Maintaining a Healthy Workforce

Landscape Ontario's Garden Centre Sector Group presents a series of FREE one-hour webinars specific to the needs of your business operation.

Session Description

The younger generations have different expectations of their employers. Prioritizing sustainability, social impact, diversity and work-life balance. How might we navigate these different demands, strengthen our company culture and continue to be productive?


Speaker: Monique Hakkert, Ball Horticulture

Monique Hakkert is the Human Resource Director for Ball Horticultural Company, bringing 15 years of experience in the horticultural industry.

Monique moved from The Netherlands 15 years ago and has worked in many different roles in horticulture: from sales and marketing to customer service, leading training and employee development effort and now is heading up the Human Resource department for Ball.

Ball is a global leader in horticulture. Ball develops, produces and sells plants and plant inputs around the world. In her current role, Monique oversees all HR functions and sets strategies on how Ball can best attract and retain top talent. In her work, she prioritizes the experience and well-being of Ball's employees.

About Ball Horticulture

Ball Horticulture is a worldwide distribution company that sells seeds, plugs, unrooted cuttings, hard goods and much more. They are more than just a distribution company, we have greenhouses and labs across the globe in a relentless effort to provide the end, consumer, with nothing but the best genetics in our industry. Their vision is “To Color the World.”