February 15, 2012
By Terry Murphy CLP

Terry MurphyAs we all have made resolutions and set goals for the new year, I thought about what meaningful endeavours are possible and achievable for the landscape industry in 2012, with respect to the underground and the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA).

Every goal needs the help of all members if we are to be successful. I ask you to think about your company, our association and how you personally can help the cause in helping us get successful results. Here are some of the goals that the landscape industry needs to accomplish if we are to improve our results this year:
  1. Reduce the number of underground utility hits by 10 – 15 per cent in 2012
  2. Continue to advertise the One Call number for Ontario landscapers
  3. Have a Landscape Ontario member on each of the ORCGA Regional Geographic Councils by the end of 2012
  4. Have the ORCGA, Farm Safety/Workplace Safety and Prevention Services and Ontario One Call present at Congress 2013, and actively promote to all excavators to obtain locates before they dig
  5. Attempt to have all Horticulture Technician Apprenticeship Colleges participate in the Damage Prevention Seminar
  6. Have the landscape industry participate in the Underground Locate Summit at the Landscape Ontario home office on Sept. 12.
  7. Have all students make the following statement: “I pledge that I will never dig without locates.”

Believe it or not, we as an industry are making a difference in our approach to underground hits. The number of hits that were made this year by our industry shows that we are obtaining more locates than ever. Yes, we still have a way to go, but we are on the way to improving our performance in dealing with the underground assets that are everywhere in our society.
Terry Murphy can be reached at tvmurphy@ca.inter.net.