February 15, 2011
Make Green for Life visible.
Make Green for Life visible.
Denis Flanagan CLD
Director of public relations and membership services

Denis FlanaganAs we move into what looks like a promising season of work for all sectors of the industry, the challenge continues for us to ensure that the public understands the importance of engaging professional companies.

You should be very proud of your effort put into training and certifying employees, maintaining high standards of workmanship, keeping a clean safety record and maintaining your membership in a top quality trades association. All of this comes with a price tag and you deserve to be rewarded with fair compensation for the services you provide.

The Green for Life brand is really starting to mean something to the consumer. Again this spring, your association’s brand will be highly visible within all Chapter functions through home and garden shows, newspaper and magazine articles, TV and radio interviews, Canada Blooms and at the dozens of community events that our members are involved in. The underlying message is always to encourage consumers to visit our website and connect with a professional member of Landscape Ontario.

We are training the consumer to associate the Green for Life message with quality work, professional services and caring companies. But, it’s a team effort to help the public connect the dots. You are the vital communication link. This is how you may help: First, have someone in your company take the time to review how visible the Green for Life brand is at your office, on vehicles, uniforms, clip boards, lawn signs, contracts, letterheads, advertisements, websites, etc., etc.

You have taken the time and money to invest in the brand and all it represents, so now it’s time to make that brand work for you. Please ask our office for the support and/or supplies that you need to complete that vital link. Contact us for Green for Life  artwork, logos stickers, decals, press releases, and more. Go to www.horttrades.com/green-for-life, and it’s simply a click away.
Denis Flanagan may be contacted at dflanagan@landscapeontario.com.