May 15, 2011
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) announced that its annual survey of corporate members has shown that the green roof industry grew by 28.5 per cent over 2010, up significantly from 16 per cent growth recorded in 2009.

Chicago led the way for the seventh year in a row, with more than 500,000 square feet installed.

“Government investment in green roofs for the stormwater, air quality, green space and city cooling benefits largely fuels the growth of our industry,” said Steven Peck, founder and president of GRHC. “Cities lead the way with incentives and regulations that recognize the many benefits from green roofs.”

This year Toronto requires green roofs on new commercial, institutional and residential building larger than 2,000 square metres. Starting Apr. 30, 2012, the bylaw will require green roofs on new industrial development.

Peck says that as the green roof and wall industry develops further, costs will come down. He also foresees today’s empty roof and wall spaces turned into urban farms, habitat, recreational spaces, horticultural therapy centres, energy conservation, green energy production, and stormwater management infrastructure.  

Said Jeffrey Bruce, GRHC chair, “The industry is also benefitting from the more than 425 accredited green roof professionals in the market. We are committed to driving future industry growth through professional development with courses in, green wall design, integrated site and building water management, and rooftop urban agriculture.