April 3, 2020
Landscape Ontario’s newly renovated office and event facility was home to the Grounds Management Lecture, held on Feb. 20.

The event provided participants with valuable information on a range of important topics, including educational sessions led by green professionals, punctuated by networking opportunities during breaks and lunch.

One attendee stated, “Great all-around day, from start to finish, as usual.”

The day began with Dr. Darby McGrath, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, presenting on the newly released Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide. McGrath explained more about how the document was developed, as well as the rationale behind its new, unique format.

Following McGrath, Bob Reeves from Root Rescue Environmental Products gave a passionate presentation on soil health, looking at the ancient relationship between plants and their soil environment.

Rodger Tschanz, University of Guelph Trial Garden Manager, presented his annual report, highlighting results from Ontario’s 2019 trial garden season.

Roy Kuehn of Landsource Organix, led a discussion on how to choose mulch and soil amendments for different landscape environments.

Finally, Jon Peter ended the day with at talk titled, “Plants! Plants! Glorious Plants!”

Kristal MacMillan, Operations Manager at Christine’s Touch Gardening in Toronto, Ont., attended the event and commented, “I find the Landscape Lecture series to be a great event for networking as well as the diverse set of speakers lined up. From the latest in plant trials to learning about the importance of soil biology with regards to plant health to learning facts about mulch that I never knew. I always walk away with new and valuable information.”

Landscape Ontario would like to thank event partners: WPE Landscape Equipment, Eloquip, and Bobcat of Toronto.

The annual event is produced by the Landscape Ontario Grounds Management Sector Group. For more information related to the sector, visit HortTrades.com/grounds-management-group.