December 15, 2014
The final hands-on Landscape Industry Certified test in 2014 took place in October at Landscape Ontario’s home office in Milton.

Sponsors of the test day included Platinum sponsors Stihl, Battlefield, Clintar, Hustler; Gold sponsors ProPower, Silver sponsors Van Dongen’s Vanden Bussche, Permacon, Premier Tech Home and Garden, Gelderman Landscape Services, Echo, Snap Edge, Bobcat of Hamilton, and Greenhorizons. Safety sponsor was BOT Aggregates.

Judges at the testing were Hank Gelderman CLT, Jeff McMann CLT, Richard Lubbers, Matt Mintz CLT, Tim Elliott, Lucas Michielsen CLT, Stephen Anderson, Alex Zalewski CLT, Keri Wilby CLT, Michael Rennie CLT, Alan Malcolmson CLT, and Jeff Gilberds CLP, CLT. Time keeper was Colin Vince, with Samantha Thomson and Anne Bowering as proctors.

A written test will take place at Congress 2015 on Jan. 6 at the International Plaza Hotel. For more information, or to register, go to