May 15, 2009
Many questions surround the Home Renovation Tax Credit and how it pertains to the landscape industry.

It is a fact that this legislation has not passed, as it was tabled until Parliament opens this fall. The reality is that the government made a promise to pass this legislation, as the credit is necessary in these uncertain economic times to help stimulate the economy.

Through a joint effort with the CNLA, we have worked diligently for you, the member, to get clarification on whether or not this is going to pass in the fall. If we wait until the fall, the landscaping season will be wrapping up and both consumers and the industry will lose. That is why we are advising, based on the definition provided by the government, that the tax credit will apply to “enduring projects.”

The Canada Revenue Agency (Revenue Canada) contacted LO to let us know that they have seen the purple consumer brochure that we created. An agency spokesperson said it was an excellent piece. She told LO that it clearly defined the credit, how to apply and what was included. We were told it was one of the best communicated pieces.

Landscape Ontario printed 100,000 copies of this consumer brochure, and we are proud to say that we cannot keep up with the demand! The response from the membership has been overwhelming. You have let us known how much you love it and are continually asking for more of the brochures! Members may copy the brochure by downloading the high resolution pdf image from

The piece has also helped educate consumers, who have been calling and using the website to verify if the companies they are looking to hire are members.

Everyone likes to get a credit from the government and the time to act is NOW! For more information visit