January 7, 2019

By Warren Patterson
LO President
Warren PattersonAs we start to execute our newly-updated, association-wide strategic plan, a key component toward realizing our goals and objectives is to build a series of committees. These committees will then provide guidance and input to home office staff. Ideally, these committees should have balanced representation across the Landscape Ontario membership. I am especially looking for members in their 20s, 30s and 40s. We need to combine the experiences of the past and present with ideas and thoughts of the future.

Committee work is not overly time consuming. The success of our association is built upon the selfless dedication of hundreds of volunteers. These volunteers, myself included, have come to realize the more time, ideas and passion you give, the more fulfilling and enlightening the reward. I can assure you this is true.

When you contribute and can say you are a part of something successful, you also grow as an individual. You gain confidence, knowledge, make friendships and connections, and are more respected in your community and the many spheres where you interact. You work with the leaders of the association, and one day, you may become one of those leaders as well. It’s very hard to sell the idea of building a legacy to someone who is just starting their career, but it is something that eventually, we all think about.

Our strategic plan of advancing the profession is focused on Landscape Ontario being the hub for creating sustainable careers. We want to showcase the many skills, benefits and beneficial work we do. We enhance lives, help the environment, promote physical activity, spiritual and mental health, and healthy food choices. There are very few industries that can match our benefit to society.

To succeed in our efforts, the five pillars of execution are:
  -  Develop a marketing strategy for youth aged 15 to 25.
  -  Develop a profitable hiring hall model.
  -  Increase awareness of Apprenticeship.
  -  Develop a Top 100 Employer of Choice Awards Program.
  -  Bring the training to members.
Marketing and communication
  -  Develop material for youth (parent, teachers, guidance counsellors, high school and college).
  -  Improve engagement with communication channels.
  -  Rollout strategy to members.
  -  Perform a technology audit.
  -  Develop a technology roadmap and structure.

I am calling on all members and their staff to participate on our various committees. They are:
1. Hiring Hall Committee
2. Technology Committee
3. Marketing and Communication Committee
4. Employer of Choice Committee
5. Education Committee
6. Strategic Plan Committee

To secure our future growth, prosperity and relevance, the time to start is now. Only with your help will we be able to succeed. If there is a particular committee that seems a good fit, or if you simply have a strong desire to help in one of the specific areas, please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more.

Warren Patterson may be reached at warrenpatterson@barriegardencentre.com.