May 23, 2013
Industry certification
Look for Landscape Industry Certification

Competent, certified individuals in the landscape industry are identified by a number of industry certification designations that fall under the Landscape Industry Certified umbrella. A company that has certified employees on staff, means they have made significant commitment to education, safety, craftsmanship and customer service. All individuals must first prove their knowledge and skills through a serious of written and hands on tests.

View a short video on what Landscape Industry Certification means to you.

  • Certified Landscape Technician (CLT)
    Are technicians employed in any of the following sectors in the landscape industry including: hardscape and softscape installation, turf and ornamental maintenance, as well as interior landscaping.

  • Certified Horticulturist Technician Retail (CHT)
    Are technicians employed in retail horticulture garden centres. 

  • Certified Landscape Manager (CLP)
    Are owners and managers who own or operate a business or division and who are committed to developing a clear plan and   structure to improve business operations.

  • Certified Landscape Designer (CLD)
    Are designers who design residential landscapes and who are recognized for their technical knowledge and design ability.

     Irrigation Technician (CIT)
    Are technicians who are competent at installation and repair of irrigation systems.This designation is no longer available, however the industry continues to recognize the designation.
  The next time you are planning a landscape project, verify that the Contractor has certified employees on staff, because they are qualified and certified.