September 15, 2011
The Interiorscape Industry Coalition (IIC) is on its way to develop its first strategic plan.

The coalition, chaired by LO’s Education, Labour Development and Membership Department manager Sally Harvey CLT, CLP, is a joint U.S. and Canadian endeavour.

The process began this summer with a day-long session led by Dr. Bernie Erven, Ohio State University professor and founder of Erven HR Services. The session reviewed the IIC’s current mission statement, followed by a SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. Five primary objectives were determined: develop a communications plan for the IIC, including a comprehensive social media strategy; identify and assess research needs; collaborate to develop a worldwide unified voice; create one place for interior membership and deliver a relevant certification program.

“The IIC now has a solid and cohesive direction that will guide the coalition for the next two to three years. The plan is under development and includes the goal to achieve five primary objectives that align with the new vision. I am confident that the plan will drive the industry forward with partners sharing common goals and the opportunity for collaboration across North America and potentially the world,” said Harvey.

Harvey says that the IIC members are energized and enthusiastic about the new direction and goals. The IIC expects to meet again in the next few months to establish an action plan for execution of its new goals and objectives.