June 15, 2018
The Landscape Ontario Irrigation Sector Group has released the Irrigation Charge-Out Rates card, listing recommended hourly and daily charge our rates for common skill sets and tasks within the irrigation sector.

The rate card suggests hourly charge out rates for: water manager, irrigation service technician, central control specialist, designer, and more. Also listed are suggested daily rates for a pipe puller, wire locator and three-quarter ton pickup truck.

The rate card is designed to educate potential and existing clients on the direct costs related to working with qualified irrigation professionals and to combat the practices of undercutting of rates.

A copy of the printed rate card is included with the June 2018 issue of Landscape Ontario magazine. LO members may order bulk copies of the rate card in packages of 100 from the LO home office in Milton by calling 1-800-265-5656 or online at HortTrades.com/promotional-material.

Irrigation Charge-Out Rate Card