November 3, 2023
Irrigation professionals from across Ontario gathered for lunch, networking and sector updates at Landscape Ontario in Milton, Ont. on a sunny September morning.

Jacki Hart, speaker and landscape business coach, facilitated a discussion about further engagement opportunities with the LO Irrigation Sector Group. Attendees spoke to the value of meeting contractors and suppliers from all over Ontario, and hearing new points of view on issues in the sector. They hope to have hybrid meetings with relevant program updates going forward.

Cassandra Garrard, LO apprenticeship program manager, provided information on how the LO GROW program can benefit attendees’ businesses. The program offers priority access to new workers, trains key staff for more responsibility and helps build the best team possible.

The meeting also included an update on the Water Smart Irrigation Professional (WSIP) program, which provides irrigation companies with specialized training and certification to offer ‘Water Smart’ irrigation services to clients. LO developed the program in partnership with the Region of Peel and the Regional Municipality of York.

Though LO’s agreement with the two regions ended in 2021, the association is working on revamping the WSIP program. LO hired GROW program graduate Miles McVey to bring the program back to life, and aims to relaunch it in spring 2024.

Editor's note:

Landscape professionals are being asked to provide input on the revamping of the Water Smart Irrigation Professional (WSIP) program. Please take a few minutes to provide input via a short online survey.