February 8, 2022

Kam's joins Royal Brinkman Group

Kam’s Growers Supply announced they’ve joined forces with the Royal Brinkman Group of the Netherlands as of January 1, 2022. The two businesses have been working together for several years and the acquisition marks the start of a new phase in their alliance. Ton van Mil, CEO of Royal Brinkman says “... Kam’s distinguishes itself with excellent customer service, products and solutions that improve grower profitability and sees this rewarded by the strong customer confidence. This aligns seamlessly with what Royal Brinkman stands for. This acquisition is a perfect example of our philosophy ‘Let’s improve together’.”

Kameron Fordyce, president of Kam’s Growers Supply, says the arrangement “... enables Kam’s to offer the most innovative, proven product range of all horticultural suppliers in North America. Collaboration with Royal Brinkman will allow us to expand our portfolio with crop rotation products, mechanical equipment and technical projects.”

Kam’s Growers Supply, with its 20 employees, will continue business under the Kam’s name from the same two locations in Ontario as well as British Columbia, Canada, with Kameron and Julie Fordyce at the helm.