August 15, 2016

Keeping your garden all year long

Tips and tricks for taking care of your lawn and garden this autumn

pruning shrubMany Canadians know the weather in Canada can change quickly, and while most of the country is still experiencing hot summer heat, it's important to remember that fall is right around the corner.
"When we have warm weather and are spending days at the beach we tend to ignore the upcoming fall weather," says Denis Flanagan of Landscape Ontario. "But now is the perfect time to start thinking about the landscaping tasks you have to tackle in the autumn before it's too late."

With that in mind, Landscape Ontario has put together its list of top landscaping tasks you shouldn't ignore near the end of summer.
Don't forget your lawn when the weather cools down
Your lawn may not be growing as quickly as in the summer months but it still requires upkeep such as cutting and fertilizing. A lawn that is taken care of well into the fall will keep from getting damaged during the upcoming winter months.
Plant your bulbs for a spring garden
Now is the best time to start thinking about what colourful flowers you want growing in the spring.
Talk to a professional landscaper about what flowering bulbs are best to plant now while the soil is still soft. Be sure to plant them low enough in the ground to avoid freezing, then sit back, relax and watch your garden bloom in the spring.
Trim back your shrubs
Trees and shrubs usually need a good pruning before the cold weather sets in. This will help prevent damage from our cold Canadian winters.
"Fluff up" your mulch
By turning, or "fluffing up," the mulch or compost in your garden you are giving it a fresh look while cutting down the need for new, fresh mulch. If you do end up adding new mulch, keep the pile around two or three inches think.
Give some TLC to your yard tools
Before you put your gardening tools away for the season, make sure they are all working, cleaned of dirt and debris and are stored correctly. Don't let soil, water or other debris sit on your tools as it could ruin them for next year.

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