November 15, 2010
As an avid reader of both industry and general magazines, I have learned the old trick of reading the first and last paragraph of most articles to save time when determining my interest in the subject matter.

But every one of Tom Intven’s President’s Message articles in the Horticulture Review have been so well written, informative (I have copied and saved the articles that I know I’m going to use as a reference in the future) and entertaining (I’m big on humour!) that I look forward to reading all of each his monthly writing.

His most recent article on “Native Plants” should be a mandatory study at all horticulture schools and by all of those quasi-government bodies considering the native plant issue. There is so much misinformation floating around on this subject. Tom Intven clarified the whole issue concisely with its historical religious background.

Keep up the good work Tom, and if you ever decide to write a blog, put me on your mailing list.
Phil Goodfellow
Valleybrook Gardens (Ont.) Ltd.